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The Institute of Urban Studies is in the process of updating this list. More projects will become available in the coming months. 


  • Evaluation Framework: Improving Access to Post-Secondary Education for Aboriginals and New Canadian Children and Youth. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. Proprietary
  • The Downtown Worker Survey, 2008. Distasio, J. Report (PDF)
  • The Working Poor Facing Energy Poverty in Canada, A Review of the Literature. Distasio, J. Proprietary
  • Working Poor Facing Homelessness: Taking Stock of the Knowledge. Distasio, J. Proprietary
  • Sustainable Churchill Discussion Paper. Distasio, J., Dudley, M., Mulligan, S. Report (PDF)
  • The Urban Aboriginal Peoples Strategy: Local Survey Implementation. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. Training only. Website 
  • Housing in the East Interlake: A Regional Perspective. Besnar, B., Wiseman, K., Powell, D., Distasio, J. Report (PDF)
  • Supermarket Redlining and Food Deserts: Characterizing Food Insecurity and Urban Decline. Schram, M. Student Paper Series. Paper (PDF)
  • A Global Market in the Heart of Winnipeg: Measuring and Mapping the Social and Cultural Development of Food in the Central Market for Global Families. Wiseman, K., Distasio, J., Ngarboui, R. Abstract
  • Senior-Friendly Public Transportation in Winnipeg: Towards a Comprehensive Strategy. Sylvestre, G. Report (PDF)
  • Community Transportation Toolkit: Interpreting and Implementing the Mobility Disadvantaged Transportation Program Guidelines. McNairnay, E., Kliewer, K., Sylvestre, G. Report (PDF)
  • Reaching Out and Moving Forward: A Preliminary Review of Community Outreach at the University of Winnipeg. Carr, B., Distasio, J. Proprietary
  • Winnipeg Housing and Homelessness Initiative. Distasio, J. Report (PDF)




  • The Rooming Houses of Furby Street. Maunder, M., Burley, D. Magazine (PDF)
  • Community Distress Towards a National Measure. Distasio, J., Dudley, M., Sylvestre, G., Carter, T., Bruce, D. Report (PDF)
  • Engaging Older Manitobans in Active Lifestyles: A Plan for Action. Sylvestre, G., Gaudrey, L. Report (PDF)
  • An Action Plan for Seniors Transportation in Manitoba: Strategic Priorities. Sylvestre, G., Cardona Claros, K. Report (PDF)
  • Manitoba Older Worker Project. Sylvestre, G. Report (PDF)
  • Improving Access to Post-Secondary Education for Aboriginal and New Canadian Children and Youth. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. Proprietary, Government of Canada
  • Sidewalkability: Improving Sidewalk Conditions for Older Adults in Winnipeg. Sylvestre, G., Powell, D. Proprietary
  • Community Distress: Toward a National Measure. Institute of Urban Studies.  Proprietary, Government of Canada
  • Investigating the Social Capital and Capacity of Older Adults in Rural Manitoba. Cardona Claros, K., Ladd, A., Sylvestre, G. Report (PDF)
  • Living on Furby: Narratives of Home, Winnipeg, MB, 1880-2005. Burley, D., Maunder, M., Chorney, P. Book (PDF)
  • Homelessness in Manitoba: An Initial Scan. Distasio, J. Proprietary
  • CESP Aboriginal Engagement Strategy. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. Proprietary
  • Mentorship in a Canadian Context. Lamoureaux, K., McClusky, K., Wiebe, A., Baker, P. Hard copies available at the IUS library
  • Portage la Prairie Social Planning Initiative: Phase One Report. Distasio, J., Besnar, B., Dudley, M., Kliewer, K., Ladd, A., Mulligan, S., Powell, D., Wiseman, K., Warkentin, J. Report (PDF)
  • The Opportunity Cost of Surface Parking in Downtown Winnipeg. Spearing, R. Student Paper Series. Paper (PDF)
  • The Urban Aboriginal Strategy: Community Consultations. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. Report (PDF)




  • Mobility Options for the Aging Population of Manitoba: An Action Plan for Regional Solutions. Sylvestre, G., Gaudry, L., Christopher, G. Report (PDF)
  • Exploring Housing-Induced Poverty Among Middle-Income Canadian Households. Distasio, J., Dudley, M. Report (PDF)
  • Workplace Health and Safety Training for Newcomers: Manitoba Immigrant Safety Initiative Literature Exploration. Institute of Urban Studies. Proprietary
  • Structural Design and Social Impacts in Winnipeg Central Park Neighbourhood. Wolfe, C. Student Paper Series. Paper (PDF)
  • Aboriginal Housing Plan: Manitoba Urban Native Housing Association, 2007. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. Report (PDF)




  • The Residential Land Development Industry in Canada: The Present, the 1970s and the Future. Distasio, J. Proprietary
  • Downtown Report Card. Research only
  • Downtown Trends Survey. Survey only
  • Greyhound Bus-Terminal: Analysis of Options for the Winnipeg Downtown Terminal. Christopher, G. Report (PDF)
  • Housing Distress in Winnipeg: Implications for Policy Programs and Services. Distasio, J., Dudley, M. Report (PDF)
  • The Winnipeg Spirit Survey: Use and Perceptions among Riders and Downtown Pedestrians. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • Aboriginal Female Lone Parents in Four Cities: Exploring Strengths and Challenges. Mulligan, S. Report (PDF)
  • The Mobility Needs and Transportation Issues of the Aging Population in Rural Manitoba. Sylvestre, G., Christopher, G., Snyder, M. Report (PDF)
  • The City of Steinbach Public Transportation Study. Distasio, J., Dudley, M., Christopher, G. Report (PDF)
  • Urban Gardening: Cultivating More Than Just Produce. Zubrycki, K. Student Paper SeriesPaper (PDF)
  • The Urban Link: Newsletter of the Institute of Urban Studies, Volume 5, Issue 1 Newsletter (PDF)
  • The Urban Link: Newsletter of the Institute of Urban Studies, Volume 5, Issue 2 Newsletter (PDF)




  • Enhancing Cultural Capital: The Arts and Community Development in Winnipeg. Dudley, M., Kuly, M., Stewart, E. Report (PDF)
  • Home is Where the Heart is and Right Now that is Nowhere: An Examination of Hidden Homelessness among Aboriginal People in Prairie Cities. Distasio, J., Sylvestre, G., Mulligan, S. Report (PDF)
  • Winnipeg Housing and Homelessness Initiative 2005. Institute of Urban Studies. Proceedings (PDF)
  • Downtown Winnipeg: Pedestrian Intercept Study. Lorch, B. Report (PDF)
  • Neighbourhoods Alive!: Community Outcomes Final Report. Dudley, M., Mulligan, S., Seguire, M. Report (PDF)
  • Limited Income Housing: Progress Through Partnerships Workshop. Distasio, J. Proceedings (PDF)
  • Rooming House Tenant and Landlord Cooperation: A Pilot Project. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S., Giesbrecht, K. Report (PDF)
  • Beyond a Front Desk: The Residential Hotel as Home. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. Report (PDF)
  • Physical Activity and the Inner City: The Case of West Central Neighbourhood. Anderson, K. Student Paper Series. Paper (PDF)
  • Student Housing Overview: Assessing Issues and Potential Options. Carter, T. Report (PDF)
  • The Urban Link: Newsletter of the Institute of Urban Studies, Volume 4, Issue 1. Newsletter (PDF)
  • The Urban Link: Newsletter of the Institute of Urban Studies, Volume 4, Issue 2. Newsletter (PDF)




  • First Nations/Métis/Inuit Mobility Study. Distasio, J. Sylvestre, G. Report (PDF)
  • The First Nations Housing Managers Training Program Peer Review Evaluation. Distasio, J., Dudley, M. Proprietary
  • Big Boxes, Power Centres and the Evolving Retail Landscape of Winnipeg: A Geographical Perspective. Lorch, B. Report (PDF)
  • Sex Work and City Planning: Winnipeg's Red Light District Committee and the Regulation of Prostitution. Kohm, S.A., Selwood, J. Report (PDF)
  • The Spence Redevelopment Project: Community Consultation Discussion Paper. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • St. James-Assiniboia School Division: 2001 Demographic Update and Future Outlook. Distasio, J., Dudley, M. Proprietary
  • Women in the City. Allentuck, S. A. Student Paper Series. Paper (PDF)
  • Literature Review of Socio-Economic Trends Affecting Consumers and Housing Markets. Carter, T. Report (PDF)
  • The Urban Link: Newsletter of the Institute of Urban Studies, Volume 3, Issue 1. Newsletter (PDF)
  • The Urban Link: Newsletter of the Institute of Urban Studies, Volume 3, Issue 2. Newsletter (PDF)




  • Aboriginal Focus Groups Discussion Paper. Distasio, J. Report (PDF)
  • The True North Arena: Downtown Revitalization and Decision-Making in Winnipeg. August, M. Student Paper Series. Paper (PDF)
  • Governance in Local Partnerships to Address Homelessness. Carter, T. Report (PDF)
  • Literature Review of Socio-Economic Trends Affecting Consumers and Housing Markets. Carter, T. Report (PDF)
  • The Geography of Income Within Manitoba's Capital Region. Lorch, B. Report (PDF)
  • The Urban Link: Newsletter of the Institute of Urban Studies, Volume 2, Issue 1. Newsletter (PDF)




  • Parent-Child Centred Programs and Services in Fort Garry and St. Norbert. Distasio, J., Dudley, M., Heidenreich, S. Proprietary
  • Kapyong Barracks: Parameters for Future Development. Carter, T., Distasio, J. Proprietary
  • Manitoba Library Card Feasibility Study. Dudley, M. Proprietary
  • Growth Beyond the Perimeter: Population Change in Manitoba’s Capital Region. Lorch, B. Report (PDF)
  • Out of the Long Dark Hallway: Voices From Winnipeg's Rooming Houses. Distasio, J., Dudley, M., Maunder, M. Report (PDF)
  • A Comparative Analysis of Major Suburban Shopping Nodes in Winnipeg. Lorch, B.J. Report (PDF)
  • Residential Back Taxes and Revitalization: a Study of Winnipeg's Spence Neighbourhood. Yauk, N., Janzen, T. Report (PDF)
  • Municipal Initiatives: Stemming the Loss of Rental Stock. Carter, T. No copy
  • Provincial and Territorial Interests in Land Use Planning and Development. Carter, T., Distasio, J., Bruce, D., Wame, C. Report (PDF)
  • The Big Box: Retail Sprawl in Winnipeg. Janzen, T. Student Paper Series. Paper (PDF)
  • Increasing Public Transit Ridership Among University of Manitoba Students: A Bus Rapid Transit Solution. Medeiros, N. Student Paper Series. Paper (PDF)
  • The Urban Link: Newsletter of the Institute of Urban Studies, Volume 1, Issue 2. Newsletter (PDF)




  • Genstar Market Survey. Distasio, J. Proprietary
  • Report on the Proceedings of the Housing Forum, 2001. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • Proceedings of the 2000 Prairie Urban Congress. Carter, T., Klos, N., Douchant, C. Report (PDF)
  • Guidelines For Federal Policy Priorities in Urban Areas. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • IMTB Database Survey Final Report. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • Report on the Residents Satisfaction Survey. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • CMHC Home Ownership Education Training Program: Draft Student Text. Carter, T. Not for release.
  • The Impact of the University of Winnipeg on Retailing in Downtown Winnipeg. Janzen. T. Report (PDF)
  • Report on the Student Impact Survey. Janzen, T. Report (PDF)
  • Impact of Discounted University Student Transit Fares on Winnipeg's Public Transit System. Jacobucci, C. Student Paper Series. Paper (PDF)
  • Common Interest Development in Canada: Private Communities and the Future of Canadian Cities. Hesse, P. Student Paper Series. Paper (PDF)
  • Subsidizing Professional Sports Teams and Building New Facilities: Flagship Projects for Urban Renewal or Corporate Welfare? Sargent, K. Student Paper Series. Paper (PDF)
  • The Urban Link: Newsletter of the Institute of Urban Studies, Volume 1, Issue 1. Newsletter (PDF) 




  • Roads of Blight: Solutions to the Automobile Burden. MacKenzie, M. Student Paper Series No.13. Paper (PDF)