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Indigenous Peoples

Recent Reports

Indigenizing Housing First

Indigenizing Housing First

This report serves as a general guide for implementing and delivering Housing First in Indigenous community contexts. The objective is to offer a framework that places community localizing efforts at the forefront to help ensure the best fit is achieved for launching Housing First initiatives.

Final Report (PDF)

At Home in Winnipeg

Indigenizing Housing First – UAKN

This research examines urban Aboriginal homelessness and its effect on the overall wellbeing and social cohesiveness of peoples living in Winnipeg. Using a community-centered approach, we seek to document and analyze how Winnipeg adapted the mainstream Housing First model to reflect the local Indigenous context.

Final Report (PDF)


  • 2018 Winnipeg Street Health Survey Final Report

Hinds, A.
Dr. Aynslie Hinds contributed data-analysis and writing to the 2018 Winnipeg Street Health Survey undertaken by End Homelessness Winnipeg; as well as two sub-reports: Street Health and Gendered Homelessness in Winnipeg, and Street Health and Indigenous People.
These reports are available from EHW.


  • The Migration of Indigenous Peoples in the Canadian Prairie Context: Exploring Policy and Program Implications to Support Urban Movers. Distasio J., Sylvestre, G., Wall-Wieler, E. (2013). 
    Published in Geography Research Forum
  • Peguis First Nations TLE Selection. Acquisition and Development Background Report and Strategic Framework. Distasio, J., Dudley, M., McCullough, S. (2011). Report (PDF)
  • Evaluation Framework: Improving Access to Post-Secondary Education for Aboriginals and New Canadian Children and Youth. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. (2009). Proprietary
  • The Urban Aboriginal Peoples Strategy: Local Survey Implementation. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. (2009). Training only Website 
  • Improving Access to Post-Secondary Education for Aboriginal and New Canadian Children and Youth. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. (2008). proprietary
  • CESP Aboriginal Engagement Strategy. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. (2008). Proprietary
  • The Urban Aboriginal Strategy: Community Consultations. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. (2008). Report (PDF)
  • Aboriginal Housing Plan: Manitoba Urban Native Housing Association, 2007. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. (2007). Report (PDF)

Older Reports

  • Aboriginal Female Lone Parents in Four Cities: Exploring Strengths and Challenges. Mulligan, S. (2006). Report (PDF)
  • First Nations/Metis/Inuit Mobility Study. Distasio, J., Sylvestre, G. (2004). Report (PDF)
  • The First Nations Housing Managers Training Program Peer Review Evaluation. Distasio, J., Dudley, M. (2004). Proprietary
  • Aboriginal Focus Groups Discussion Paper. Distasio, J. (2003). Report (PDF)
  • The Future of Aboriginal Urbanization in Prairie Cities: Select Annotated Bibliography and Literature Review on Urban Aboriginal Issues in the Prairie Provinces. Kastes, W.G. (1993) Bibliographica Series No.5. Literature Review (PDF)
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