Indigenous Peoples

Institute of Urban Studies

Recent Reports

  • The Migration of Indigenous Peoples in the Canadian Prairie Context: Exploring Policy and Program Implications to Support Urban Movers. Distasio J., Sylvestre, G., Wall-Wieler, E. (2013). 
    Published in Geography Research Forum
  • Peguis First Nations TLE Selection. Acquisition and Development Background Report and Strategic Framework. Distasio, J., Dudley, M., McCullough, S. (2011). Report (PDF)
  • Evaluation Framework: Improving Access to Post-Secondary Education for Aboriginals and New Canadian Children and Youth. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. (2009). Proprietary
  • The Urban Aboriginal Peoples Strategy: Local Survey Implementation. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. (2009). Training only Website 
  • Improving Access to Post-Secondary Education for Aboriginal and New Canadian Children and Youth. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. (2008). proprietary
  • CESP Aboriginal Engagement Strategy. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. (2008). Proprietary
  • The Urban Aboriginal Strategy: Community Consultations. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. (2008). Report (PDF)
  • Aboriginal Housing Plan: Manitoba Urban Native Housing Association, 2007. Distasio, J., Mulligan, S. (2007). Report (PDF)

Older Reports

  • Aboriginal Female Lone Parents in Four Cities: Exploring Strengths and Challenges. Mulligan, S. (2006). Report (PDF)
  • First Nations/Metis/Inuit Mobility Study. Distasio, J., Sylvestre, G. (2004). Report (PDF)
  • The First Nations Housing Managers Training Program Peer Review Evaluation. Distasio, J., Dudley, M. (2004). Proprietary
  • Aboriginal Focus Groups Discussion Paper. Distasio, J. (2003). Report (PDF)
  • The Future of Aboriginal Urbanization in Prairie Cities: Select Annotated Bibliography and Literature Review on Urban Aboriginal Issues in the Prairie Provinces. Kastes, W.G. (1993) Bibliographica Series No.5. Literature Review (PDF)
  • The Ontario Métis: Characteristics and Identity. Peters, E., Rosenberg, M., Halseth, G. (1991). Native Issues Series No.4. Report (PDF)
  • Health Care in Saskatoon's Inner City: A Comparative Study of Native and Non-Native Utilization Patterns. Waldram, J.B., Layman, M.M. (1989). Native Issues Series No.3. Paper (PDF)
  • Native Socio-economic Development in Canada: Change, promise and innovation. Lockhart, S., Wolfe, J., Cunningham, G., Convey, L., McArthur, D., House., J.D. (1989). Native Issues Series No.2. Paper (PDF)
  • Native Socio-economic Development in Canada: Adaptation, Accessibility and Opportunity. Armstrong, R., Bone, R., Kariya, P., Duerden, F. (1989). Native Issues Series No.1. Paper (PDF)
  • Native Households in Winnipeg: Strategies of Co-Residence and Financial Support. Peters, E.J. (1984). Research and Working Paper No.5. Paper (PDF)
  • Native Housing Conditions in Winnipeg. Clatworthy, S.J. (1983). Report (PDF)
  • Native Women and Work: Summary Report of a Winnipeg Survey. Hull, J. (1983). Report (PDF)
  • Native Economic Conditions in Regina and Saskatoon. Clatworthy, J.P., Hull, J. (1983). Report (PDF)
  • The Effects of Education on Native Behaviour in the Urban Labour Market. Clatworthy, S.J. (1981). Report (PDF)
  • Issues Concerning the Role of Native Women in the Winnipeg Labour Market. Clatworthy, S.J. (1981). Report (PDF)
  • Patterns of Native Employment in the Winnipeg Labour Market. Clatworthy, S.J. (1981). Report (PDF)
  • Economic Circumstances of Native People in Selected Metropolitan Centres in Western Canada. Clatworthy, S.J., Gunn, J.P. (1981). Report (PDF)
  • The Demographic Composition and Economic Circumstances of Winnipeg's Native Population. Clatworthy, S.J. (1980). Report (PDF)
  • Kinew Housing Incorporated. Institute of Urban Studies. (1973). Report (PDF)