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The Institute of Urban Studies is in the process of updating this list. More projects will become available in the coming months. 


  • Inner City Housing Study: Section V: Recommendations and Policy Options. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • Settlement Strategies in Manitoba: An Examination of the Intentions of the Government of Manitoba. Johnston, F. Report (PDF)
  • Core Area Report: A Reassessment of Conditions in Inner City Winnipeg. Johnston, F., Clatworthy, S. Report (PDF)
  • Handbook for Managers of Social Housing. McKee, C., Engel C., Sherba, C. Report (PDF)
  • Day Care: A Research Report to the Community Day Care Study Commission. Epstein, J. Report (PDF)
  • Identification of Community Needs and Development of Options for Low Rental Housing and/or Community Services in the Area Served by All Saints Anglican and Young United Churches. Herscovitch, J. Report (PDF)
  • Transferable Development Rights: Preserving Low Density Structures in Downtown Winnipeg. Demmings, S. Report (PDF)
  • Conservation: Strategies for Selected Older Neighbourhoods. Frenette, S. Report (PDF)
  • Housing: Inner City Type Older Areas.  McKee, C., Clatworthy, S., Frenette, S. Report (PDF)




  • Revitalizing the Downtown Core: The Role of an Urban Development Corporation. McKee, C., Axworthy, L. Report (PDF)
  • Inner City Housing Study: Interim Report. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • A Market Analysis and Feasibility Study for EMBLA Ltd. Renovators. DeRoo, J., McKee, C. Report (PDF)
  • A Study of the Community Schools Concept: The Fort Rouge Experiment. Vanderhoef, S., DeRoo, J. Report (PDF)
  • Planning for Winnipeg's Future. Partridge, T.J. Report (PDF)
  • Winnipeg Building Code Study. Milgram, G., Frenette, S. Report (PDF)
  • The Consumer and Transportation: An Investigation of Consumer Perceptions Towards Transportation. Fenton, R., Hull, J. Report (PDF)
  • Housing Component Greater Winnipeg Development Plan Review: Proposal to Undertake Study B, Older Inner City-Type Area Study. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • Study on Day Care: Report and Recommendations. Community Day Care Study Commission.  Report (PDF)
  • The Apartment Tenant Relocation Study. Frenette, S., Herscovitch, J. Report (PDF)
  • Neighbourhood Police Team Experiment: An Evaluation. Epstein, J. Report (PDF)
  • The Best Laid Plans Oft Go Astray: The Case of Winnipeg. Axworthy, L.  Report (PDF)




  • Analysis and Assessment of Present Policies and Programs. Whittle, A., Milgram, G., Barber, J. Paper (PDF)
  • Innovative Strategies for the Renewal of Older Neighbourhoods. McKee, C., ed. Paper (PDF)
  • Inner City Profiles and Processes of Change. Epstein, J., McKee, C. Report (PDF)
  • Saskatchewan Housing Needs Study: Detailed Terms of Reference. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • Evaluation of the Bellan Report on Winnipeg Land Prices. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • The Lord Selklirk Neighbourhood. Hiebert, D. Paper (PDF)
  • Towards a Planning Strategy for Older Neighbourhoods. McKee, C., Axworthy, L., Milgram, G., Whitle, A. Report (PDF)
  • Evaluation Report: Second Short Course in Social Housing Management. Engel, C.  Report (PDF)
  • Electoral Method Study for the St.Boniface School Division No.4. Vanderhoef, S., Axworthy, L. Report (PDF)
  • Exurban Housing Development in the Winnipeg-Selkirk Corridor. Barber, J., Hathout, S. Report (PDF)
  • Land Ownership in the Winnipeg Fringe Area. Barber, J., Whittle, A., Axworthy, L. Report (PDF)
  • Paraprofessionalism: A Study for the Winnipeg Police Commission. Epstein, J., Vanderhoef, S. Report (PDF)




  • Evaluation Report: Social Housing Management Course Winnipeg. McKee, C. D. Report (PDF)
  • The Role of Private Financial Institutions in Older Winnipeg Neighbourhoods. Rossen, M. Report (PDF)  
  • A Decade of Urban Reform: A Paper. Axworthy, L. Paper (PDF)
  • The Case for Non-Profits in the Preservation and Provision of Urban Housing. Milgram, G., McKee, C., Axworthy, L. Report (PDF)
  • Notes on Urban Planning and Railroads, Railway Conference. Axworthy, L. Report (PDF)
  • Statement: The Institute of Urban Studies, The University of Winnipeg, to Winnipeg City Council, February 19, 1975. Epstein, D. Statement (PDF)
  • Toward a Strong Municipal Parliament: Political Organization, Administrative Organization, Elections. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • Local Government Reform. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • Local Control of Zoning and Subdivision. Epstein, D. Report (PDF)
  • Electoral Boundary Study of St.James-Assiniboia School Division. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • Land Use Planning: The Financial Implication. McCandless, M. Report (PDF)
  • Retirement Housing in Urban Neighbourhoods: Some Inner City Options. Epstien, D. Report (PDF)
  • Urban Growth: Choices for Manitobans. Walker, D.C. Report (PDF)
  • Windsor Park and Norwood Information and Resource Centre Evaluation. McKee, C., Epstein, J. Report (PDF)
  • What You Should Know About Rent Control.  Chrisite, P. (February 1976). Urban Issues.  Newsletter (PDF)




  • CANPART: A Research Proposal Concerning Increased Canadian Citizens' Participation in Habitat: The United Nations Conference on Human Settlements. Hawkes, D. C. Proposal (PDF)
  • Freedom of Information in the City of Winnipeg. Institute of Urban Studies.  Report (PDF)
  • Housing Proposals: An 11 Point Action Plan. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • Winnipeg Meals on Wheels: A Program Evaluation and Examination of Alternative Models of Operation. McKee, C.D., Axworthy, L. Report (PDF)
  • Winnipeg's Core Area: An Assessment of Conditions Affecting Law Enforcement. Axworthy, L., Christie, P. Report (PDF)
  • Women's Concerns About the Quality of Life in Winnipeg. Croteau, M.J., Zink, W. Report (PDF)
  • Unicity: The Transition. Axworthy, L, Cassidy., J.   Report (PDF)




  • Housing, Church, and Community Space: The St.Andrew's Place Redevelopment Project. Epstein, D. Report (PDF)
  • Housing Innovation and Neighbourhood Improvement: Change in Winnipeg's Inner City. Epstein, D. Book (PDF)
  • Environmental Impact Statements Under the City of Winnipeg: Present Law, Proposed Amendments, Commentary. Institute of Urban Studies. Proposal (PDF)
  • A Discussion Paper on Urban Populism and Urban Policymaking. Axworthy, L., Epstein, D. Report (PDF)
  • Unicity: The Transition. Axworthy, L., Cassidy, J.  Future City Series No.4Book (PDF)
  • A Test for Institutional Innovation: Winnipeg's Unicity. Axworthy, L., Lightbody, J., Pawluk, L., Sherba, C.  Report (PDF)




  • Perceptions of the Norwood Community Regarding its Existing Educational System and Possible Amalgamation. Reser, J.P. Report (PDF)
  • Developing Approaches to Health and Social Service Planning in the Inner City: A Report to the Honorable S.A. Miller Chairman, Cabinet Committee on Health, Education and Social Policy, Government of Manitoba. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • An Evaluation of the Limited Repair Program of the Winnipeg Home Improvement Project by the Institute of Urban Studies. Barker, J., Blancher, C., Epstein, D.  Report (PDF)
  • Kinew Housing Incorporated. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • Community Involvement in Infill Housing. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • The Infill Housing Project: Phase II Report. Axworthy, L., Proctor, B., Barker, E.J., O'Brien, N.J. Report (PDF)
  • Meeting the Problems and Needs of Resident Advisory Groups. Axworthy, L., Grant, M., Cassidy, J., Siamandas, G. Report (PDF)
  • A Strategy for Self-Help Housing and Renewal. Axworthy, L. Report (PDF)
  • Transportation Advocacy Planning in Winnipeg: The Case of C.O.S.T. Partridge, T.J. Report (PDF)
  • A Study of Rural-urban Migration Trends in Manitoba. Haroon, M., Keith, M.  Report (PDF)
  • Presentation on Transportation Planning to Environment Committee, City of Winnipeg. Axworthy, L. Presentation (PDF)
  • Presentation to the Institute of Public Administration of Canada Seminar, February 16, 1973. Axworthy, L. Presentation (PDF)
  • Urban Issues: Special Edition on Transport Planning (January 1973). Institute of Urban Studies. Newsletter (PDF)




  • Inner City Health and Social Services Project: Progress Report II. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • Reform of Environmental Administration. Axworthy, L. Report (PDF)
  • The University as Innovator in the Urban Community. Axworthy, L. Report (PDF)
  • The In-fill Experimental Housing Project. Barker, E.  Report (PDF)
  • The University of Winnipeg and the City: a Report on the Urban University Workshop Held at the University of Winnipeg, November 12 and 13, 1971. Grant, M., Henderson, D.G. Report (PDF)
  • Financial Implications of Different Housing Tenure Arrangements. Partridge, T.  Low Income Housing Series No.1. Report (PDF)
  • The Citizen and Neighbourhood Renewal: A Collection of Working Papers on Planning with People in the Inner City. Axworthy, L., ed.  Future City Series No.3.  Book (PDF)
  • The Politics of Innovation. Axworthy, T.  Future City Series No.2.  Book (PDF)
  • Report on Unicity Project. Cassidy, J., O'Hara, J.  Report (PDF)
  • Urban Change in Winnipeg: The Adoption of Bill 36. Axworthy, T. Report (PDF)
  • Urbanization and Leisure - What About Me?: Comments on Community Management of Leisure. Axworthy, L. Report (PDF)
  • Urban Form Project: A Report on Community Communications in Six Canadian Urban Centres. Cassidy, J., Houston, D.  Report (PDF)
  • Urban Forum Pilot Project. Institute of Urban Studies.  Report (PDF)
  • Urban Issues. Vol. 1, No. 10 & 11 (August/September, 1972). Institute of Urban Studies. Newsletter (PDF)
  • Urban Issues. Vol. 1, No. 9 (July, 1972). Institute of Urban Studies. Newsletter (PDF)
  • Urban Issues. Vol. 1, No. 7 & 8 (May/June, 1972). Institute of Urban Studies. Newsletter (PDF)
  • Urban Issues. Vol. 1, No. 6 (April, 1972). Institute of Urban Studies. Newsletter (PDF)
  • Urban Issues. Vol. 1, No. 5 (March, 1972). Institute of Urban Studies. Newsletter (PDF)
  • Urban Issues. Vol. 1, No. 4 (February 1972). Institute of Urban Studies. Newsletter (PDF)
  • Urban Issues. Vol. 1, No. 3 (January 1972). Institute of Urban Studies. Newsletter (PDF)




  • Final Report of Satisfaction in an Urban Neighbourhood. Parasuik, G.N. Report (PDF)
  • Presentation to the Commission to Study the Rationalization of University Research. Axworthy, L. Presentation (PDF)
  • Institute of Urban Studies report on community TV in Radical Software -- no.4 Summer 1971. Cassidy, J. Report (PDF)
  • The Involvement of Communications Systems. O'Hara, J. Report (PDF)
  • Provincial Communications Policy. Institute of Urban Studies.  Report (PDF)
  • Progress Report for the National Design Council. Teron, W., Axworthy, L. Report (PDF)
  • Process Report of Stage II: The People's Committee for a Better Neighbourhood Inc. Kubiski, W. Report (PDF)
  • Preliminary Findings on the Establishment of a Community Health Centre for Urban Renewal Area II. Gerbasi, E.F. Report (PDF)
  • The Future City: A Selection of Views on the Reorganization of Government in Greater Winnipeg. Axworthy, L., ed.  Future City Series No.1  Book (PDF)
  • Innovation Inner-city Program. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • An Analysis for Four Social Planning Interventions in the Fort Rouge Area of Winnipeg. Vincent, D. Report (PDF)
  • An Experiment in Community Renewal. Axworthy, L., Kuropatwa, R. Report (PDF)
  • A Report on the 610 Ross Project in the Roosevelt Park Demonstration Area. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • A Report on the Rehabilitation of Older Houses in a Lower Income, Inner City District. Barker, E.  Report (PDF)
  • A Public Communication System. Axworthy, L., Cassidy, J., O'Hara, J., Badertscher, J.  Report (PDF)
  • Participation and Planning: Spontaneous Town Planning: a Paper Presented to the Congress d'Architecture et d'Urbanisme, Brussels, November 22, 1971. Axworthy, L. Presentation (PDF)
  • Urban Issues. Vol. 1, No. 2 (December 1971). Institute of Urban Studies.  Newsletter (PDF)
  • Urban Issues. Vol. 1, No. 1 (November 1971). Institute of Urban Studies.  Newsletter (PDF)




  • National Goals for the Urban Environment - A Democratic Society: Notes for an Address to the Town Planning Institute of Canada National Conference, Edmonton, July 21, 1970. Axworthy, L. Speech (PDF)
  • The Structure and Organization of Urban Development Corporation. Institute of Urban Studies. Report (PDF)
  • The Housing Task Force: A Case Study. Axworthy, L.  Report (PDF)
  • The Case of Manitoba: Notes for an Address Delivered Friday, April 3, 1970 to Canadian Association for the Social Studies Annual Convention. Axworthy, L.  Presentation (PDF)




  • Address by Lloyd Axworthy, Director, Institute of Urban Studies, University of Winnipeg to the Canadian Association of Real Estate Boards, Wednesday October 22, 1969, 2:00 p.m.  Speech (PDF)