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The Axworthy Papers

This collection contains all the papers, speeches, and reports authored by Dr.Lloyd Axworthy that have been published by the Institute of Urban Studies.

  • The Best Laid Plans Oft Go Astray: The Case of Winnipeg. Axworthy, L.  Report (PDF)
  • Electoral Method Study for the St.Boniface School Division No.4. Vanderhoef, S., Axworthy, L.  Report (PDF)
  • Land Ownership in the Winnipeg Fringe Area. Barber, J., Whittle, A., Axworthy, L.  Report (PDF)
  • The Case for Non-Profits in the Preservation and Provision of Urban Housing. Milgram, G., McKee, C., Axworthy, L.  Report (PDF)
  • Winnipeg: The Unicity Concept. Axworthy, L.,  Presentation (PDF)
  • Winnipeg Meals on Wheels: A Program Evaluation and Examination of Alternative Models of Operation. McKee, C.D., Axworthy, L.  Report (PDF)
  • Winnipeg's Core Area: An Assessment of Conditions Affecting Law Enforcement. Axworthy, L., Christie, P.  Report (PDF)
  • Unicity: The Transition. Axworthy, L., Cassidy, J.   Report (PDF)
  • A Discussion Paper on Urban Populism and Urban Policymaking. Axworthy, L., Epstein, D.  Report (PDF)
  • Unicity: The Transition. Axworthy, L., Cassidy, J.  Future City Series No.4Book (PDF)
  • A Test for Institutional Innovation: Winnipeg's Unicity. Axworthy, L., Lightbody, J., Pawluk, L., Sherba, C.  Report (PDF)
  • The Infill Housing Project: Phase II Report. Axworthy, L., Proctor, B., Barker, E.J., O'Brien, N.J.  Report (PDF)
  • Meeting the Problems and Needs of Resident Advisory Groups. Axworthy, L., Grant M., Cassidy, J., Siamandas, G.  Report (PDF)
  • A Strategy for Self-Help Housing and Renewal. Axworthy, L.  Report (PDF)
  • Presentation on transportation planning to Environment Committee, City of Winnipeg. Axworthy, L.  Presentation (PDF)
  • Presentation to the Institute of Public Administration of Canada seminar, February 16, 1973. Axworthy, L.  Presentation (PDF)
  • The University as Innovator in the Urban Community. Axworthy, L.  Report (PDF)
  • The Citizen and Neighbourhood Renewal: A Collection of Working Papers on Planning with People in the Inner City. Axworthy, L., ed.  Future City Series No.3.  Book (PDF)
  • Urbanization and Leisure - What About Me?: Comments on Community Management of Leisure. Axworthy, L.  Report (PDF)
  • Progress Report for the National Design Council. Teron, W., Axworthy, L.  Report (PDF)
  • The Future City: A Selection of Views on the Reorganization of Government in Greater Winnipeg. Axworthy., L., ed.  Future City Series No.1  Book (PDF).
  • An Experiment in Community Renewal. Axworthy, L., Kuropatwa, R.  Report (PDF)
  • A Public Communication System. Axworthy, L., Cassidy, J., O'Hara, J., Badertscher, J.  Report (PDF)
  • Participation and Planning: Spontaneous Town Planning: A Paper Presented to the Congres d'Architecture et d'Urbanisme, Brussels, November 22, 1971. Axworthy, L.  Presentation (PDF)
  • The Housing Task Force: A Case Study. Axworthy, L.  Report (PDF)
  • The Case of Manitoba: Notes for an Adress Delivered Friday, April 3, 1970 to Canadian Association for the Social Studies Annual Convention. Axworthy, L.  Presentation (PDF)
  • The Politics of Urban Innovation. Axworthy, L.  Conference Paper (PDF)