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Project Archive by Topic

Neighbourhood Change

Housing Quality Resources
The Institute of Urban Studies has a long history of working with tenants, landlords, and community organizations on housing issues. This section of our website consolidates resources for both housing workers and researchers.

Housing and Rooming Houses
Publications and Reports from 1970 to 2021

Homelessness and Housing First
The Institute of Urban Studies has undertaken a variety of roles in the At Home / Chez Soi Demonstration Project launched in 2009 as well as independent research on homelessness.

Evictions and Eviction Prevention
Evictions and their impact are an increasing concern, across Canada and worldwide. The IUS has published Publications and Reports  and continues to conduct research into homelessness in Canada.

WPG Ex-Urban Areas
Publications and Reports from 2003 to 2021

Downtown Winnipeg
Publications and Reports from 1978 to 2021

Older Adults
Publications and Reports from 1976 to 2021

Retail Landscape
Publications and Reports from 1986 to 2021

Indigenous Peoples
Publications and Reports from 1973 to 2021

The Unicity Papers
The Unicity Papers are a comprehensive collection of the research published by the Institute of Urban Studies regarding the municipal amalgamation of Greater Winnipeg.

The Axworthy Papers
This collection contains all the papers, speeches, and reports authored by Dr.Lloyd Axworthy that have been published by the Institute of Urban Studies.

Student Paper Series
The Institute of Urban Studies papers from University of Winnipeg students on any topic related to urban studies.

Mapping Projects