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Winnipeg Downtown Profile

Winnipeg Downtown Profile A Special Report on Demographic and Housing Market Factors in Winnipeg's Downtown

McCullough, S., Distasio, J., Shirtliffe, R.
The  Winnipeg Downtown Profile carries out an analysis of demographic and housing market factors that may influence the need for incentives in the downtown Winnipeg housing market. This report informs CentreVenture’s proposed “ 10 Year Housing Evaluation” and helps to address the proposed question, “ What price do new downtown housing projects need to achieve to encourage more people to move downtown?”

Final Report (PDF)


  • Winnipeg Downtown Market Study

McCullough, S., Distasio, J., Shirtliffe, R.
This study was commissioned by UWCRC 2.0 Inc. as a supplement to available CMHC Rental Market information and as an analysis of demographic and housing market factors in the downtown Winnipeg housing market. This project is proprietary and no publication is available.


  • Where's Downtown? Varying Geographic Definitions of Winnipeg's Downtown and Inner City, 1947-2004. Werner, A., McCullough, S. Maps (PDF)
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    Werner, A., McCullough, S.  Map (PDF)
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    Werner, A., McCullough, S.  Map (PDF)
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Older Reports

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