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Housing and Rooming Houses

Recent Reports



SHUT OUT – Discrimination in the Rental Housing Market

An examination of the lived experience of tenants who have been discriminated against in their search for rental housing, as well as during active tenancy, and post-occupation. Using a broader scope than most Canadian work, we develop a new framework for understanding discrimination resulting in a more nuanced understanding and leading to strong findings with actionable recommendations.

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Staying on Board: Non-profit housing provider board capacity in a changing context

Cooper, S., Zell, S.
Cooper and Zell review the experiences of non-profit housing boards as these organizations reach the end of their operating agreements. These boards face significant challenges and some new opportunities as the context changes. Interviews with housing providers and policymakers reveal that while many boards are ready to transition into this new context, others are not, and may require additional supports if they are to continue to offer housing into the future.

Gain Loss and Change

Gain, Loss, and Change: The Impact of Condos on Winnipeg Neighbourhoods

Carter, T., McCullough, S., Shirtliffe, R., Northcote, C.
With a new dataset we bring a nuanced understanding to the impact of condominiums on Winnipeg Neighbourhoods. Key themes emerging from this study are the loss of affordable rental housing, but a concurrent gain in affordable homeownership options. Additionally, the impacts of condos show very strong differences amongst neighbourhoods – in market effects, on rentals, and on demographics.


Understanding Affordability Challenges for Homeowners in Core Housing Need

This project extends the understanding of homeowners in Core Housing Need by examining the intersection of housing affordability challenges with those of adequacy and suitability, as well as the barriers to homeowners accessing alternative affordable housing in their communities.

Research Insight

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City of Winnipeg Housing Assessment

The City of Winnipeg Comprehensive Housing Needs Assessment

Commissioned by the City of Winnipeg with the purpose of identifying the housing requirements of Winnipeg’s current and future population. The Assessment identifies gaps along the housing continuum, identifies where and for whom housing needs are most significant, evaluates government policy affecting housing, establishes the baseline data needed for housing interventions, and provides recommendations and targets for addressing housing needs across the city

The City of Winnipeg Housing Assessment is available from the City of Winnipeg.


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Older Reports

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