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Older Adults

Recent Reports

  • Development of a Winter Sidewalk Condition Bulletin: Report to Safe Communities Winnipeg. Capelle, D., Wiebe, A., Sylvestre, G. (2011).  Proprietary.
  • Resource Toolkit for Supporting Older Drivers in the Community: Promoting Safety, Independence and Well-Being. Cardona, K., Wiebe, A., Sylvestre, G. (2010).  Report (PDF)
  • Senior-Friendly Public Transportation in Winnipeg: Towards a Comprehensive Strategy. Sylvestre, G. (2009).  Report (PDF)
  • Community Transportation Toolkit: Interpreting and Implementing the Mobility Disadvantaged Transportation Program Guidelines. McNairnay, E., Kliewer, K., Sylvestre, G. (2009).  Report (PDF)
  • Engaging Older Manitobans in Active Lifestyles: A Plan for Action. Sylvestre, G., Gaudrey, L. (2008).  Report (PDF)
  • An Action Plan for Seniors Transportation in Manitoba: Strategic Priorities. Sylvestre, G., Cardona Claros, K. (2008).  Report (PDF)
  • Sidewalkability: Improving Sidewalk Conditions for Older Adults in Winnipeg. Sylvestre, G., Powell, D. (2008).  Proprietary interim report
  • Manitoba Older Worker Project. Sylvestre, G. (2008).  Report (PDF)
  • Investigating the Social Capital and Capacity of Older Adults in Rural Manitoba. Cardona Claros, K., Ladd, A., Sylvestre, G. (2008).  Report (PDF)
  • Mobility Options for the Aging Population of Manitoba: An Action Plan for Regional Solutions. Sylvestre, G., Gaudry, L., Christopher, G. (2007)  Report (PDF)
  • The Mobility Needs and Transportation Issues of the Aging Population in Rural Manitoba. Sylvestre, G., Christopher, G., Snyder, M. (2006).  Report (PDF)

Older Reports

  • Elderly Homeowners Turned Renters: Reasons for the Move. Leung, H.  Report No.22. (1992).  Paper (PDF)
  • Variation in the Cost and Use of Winter Home Heating Among the Independent Elderly: A Case Study of Waterloo (1986). Hall, B., Boyce, R., Secord, R., Van Landsschoot, C.  Research and Working Paper No.30. (1986) Paper (PDF)
  • Housing Canada's Seniors. Goldblatt, S., Cates, F., Phillips, J.  Report No.14. (1986).  Report (PDF)
  • Granny Flats: A Housing Option for the Elderly. Corke, S., Romanick, G.S., Lazarowich, M., Simon, J.  Report No.13. (1986) . Report (PDF)
  • Older Canadian Homeowners: A Literature Review. Gunn, J., Verkley, J., Newman, L.  Research and Working Paper Series no.2. (1983).   Paper (PDF) 
  • Retirement Housing in Urban Neighbourhoods: Some Inner City Options. Epstien, D. (1976).  Report (PDF)