Student Paper Series

Since 1991, the Institute has held its Student Paper contest, inviting submissions of papers on any topic related to urban studies. Students are encouraged to enter a paper written for any course from the University of Winnipeg. Currently, the contest is open to undergraduate honours and graduate students, and winners are selected by referees from the Institute and the Dept. of Geography. Depending on submissions and circumstances, some years a winner is not selected. The topics covered by the Student Papers include a breadth of urban issues and the Institute encourages the wide-ranging discussions and novel solutions presented by these emerging urbanists.


Series No. 35

  • From Controversy to Celebration: How the 1995 Relocation of Marcien Lemay's Riel from the Manitoba Legislature to Saint Boniface Impacted Its Public Reception. Sickert, Sophie J. Student Paper Series No. 35. Paper (PDF)

2011 to 2019

Series No. 27 to 34

  • Ending or Obscuring Homelessness? Applying the White Racial Frame to Homeless Literature in Canada. Dunsmore, R. A.  Student Paper Series No. 34.  Paper (PDF)
  • The Role of NGOs, Non-Profits, and the Government in the Provision of Settlement Services for Canadian Newcomers: A Policy Crisis. Miller, S. Student Paper Series No. 33.  Paper (PDF)

  • Mixed-Income Housing Developments: Separating Myth from Reality. Coutts, S.  Student Paper Series No.32.  Paper (PDF)

  • By Any Other Name: The Street Sex Workers of Winnipeg. Ward, R.  Student Paper Series No.31. Paper (PDF)

  • City of God and  Elite Squad: From Fatalistic Violence to Agency.  Nunes, V.  Student Paper Series No.30.  Paper (PDF)

  • Panhandlers and Winnipeg's By-Law: Perceptions and Realities. MacDonald, D.  Student Paper Series No.29.  Paper (PDF)

  • New Uses for Old Buildings: Organic Renewal in the West Exchange District, 1975 - 2010. Galston, R.  Student Paper Series No.28.  Paper (PDF)

  • Saint-Boniface: The Roman Catholic Values that Shape its Landscape. Thiessen, R.  Student Paper Series No.27.  Paper (PDF)


2000 to 2010

Series No. 13 to 26

  • Supermarket Redlining and Food Deserts: Characterizing Food Insecurity and Urban Decline. Schram, M.  Student Paper Series No.26.  Paper (PDF)

  • The Opportunity Cost of Surface Parking in Downtown Winnipeg. Spearing, R.  Student Paper Series No.25.  Paper (PDF)

  • Structral Design and Social Impacts in Winnipeg Central Park Neighbourhood. Wolfe, C.  Student Paper Series No.24.  Paper (PDF)

  • Urban Gardening: Cultivating More Than Just Produce Zubrycki, K.  Student Paper Series No.23Paper (PDF)

  • Physical Activity and the Inner City: The Case of West Central Neighbourhood. Anderson, K.  Student Paper Series No.22.  Paper (PDF)

  • Women in the City. Allentuck, S. A.  Student Paper Series No.21.  Paper (PDF)

  • The True North Arena: Downtown Revitalization and Decision-Making in Winnipeg. August, M.  Student Paper Series No.20.  Paper (PDF)

  • Increasing Public Transit Ridership Among University of Manitoba Students: A Bus Rapid Transit Solution. Medeiros, N.  Student Paper Series  Paper (PDF)

  • The Big Box: Retail Sprawl in Winnipeg. Janzen, T.  Student Paper Series No.17.  Paper (PDF)

  • Impact of Discounted University Student Transit Fares on Winnipeg's Public Transit System. Jacobucci, C.  Student Paper Series No.16.  Paper (PDF)

  • Subsidizing Professional Sports Teams and Building New Facilities: Flagship Projects for Urban Renewal or Corporate Welfare? Sargent, K.  Student Paper Series No.15.  Paper (PDF)

  • Common Interest Development in Canada: Private Communities and the Future of Canadian Cities. Hesse, P.  Student Paper Series No.14.  Paper (PDF)

  • Roads of Blight: Solutions to the Automobile Burden. MacKenzie, M.  Student Paper Series No.13.  Paper (PDF)


1991 to 1999

Series No. 1 to 12

  • An Analysis of the Transportation Modes used by University Students in Winnipeg: Is the Commute to School Sustainable. Prochera, J.  Student Paper Series No.12.  Paper (PDF)

  • The New Autonomy and the Urban Environment: The Political and Societal Implications of Globalization for Cities. Piel, M.  Student Paper Series No.11.  Paper (PDF)

  • Women and Urban Environments Volume 2: Feminist Eutopian Visions of the City. Beavis, M.A., ed.  Student Paper Series No.10. Book (PDF)

  • Women and Urban Environments Volume 1: Feminist Analysis of Urban Spaces. Beavis, M.A., ed.  Student Paper Series No.9.  Paper (PDF)

  • Exurban Development in the Winnipeg Region: The Issue of Service. James, A.  Student Paper Series No.8.  Paper (PDF)

  • Impeaching the Car: An Assessment of the Potential for Sustainable Urban Transportation. MacDonald, R.  Student Paper Series No.7. Paper (PDF)

  • In Search of a Good Neighbourhood. Brownlee, J.  Student Paper Series No.6.  Paper (PDF)

  • The Perception of Downtown Winnipeg and Its Role in Shaping the City. Chmielewska, E. and Using Hedonic Methods to Value Environment Damages to Residential Housing. Hillman, L.  Student Paper Series No.5.  Papers (PDF)

  • Gentrification: Assessing the Causes and Effects. Kerr, J. and  Winnipeg's Conflict of Interest Guidelines: Problems and Solutions. Paler, S.  Student Paper Series No.4. Papers (PDF)

  • Community Involvement in the Site-Selection Process: A Matter of Citizen Participation - The Manitoba Hazardouse Waste Management Corporation. Driedger, S. M.  Student Paper Series No. 3.  Paper (PDF)

  • Gentrification: is the gentrification process negative by definition? Hilton, K. Student Paper Series No.2.  Paper (PDF)

  • Citizen Participation in Post-"Unicity" Winnipeg. Shand, D.  Student Paper Series No.1.  Paper (PDF)