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The IUS library holds thousands of books and research papers covering a wide range of topics in urban studies, including geography, economics, housing, planning, sociology, urban design and social policy.

New Arrivals

  1. Anderson, Chris. & Peters, Evelyn. (eds.). (2014). Indigenous in the City: Contemporary Identities and Cultural Innovation. UBC Press.

  2. Smith, Michael Peter & Kirkpatrick, L Owen (eds.). (2015). Reinventing Detroit: the Politics of Possibility. Transaction Publishers.

  3. Ward, Kevin. (2013) Researching the city. Sage Publications.

  4. Brandon, Josh. & Silver, Jim. (2015). Poor Housing: A Silent Crisis. Fernwood Publishing.

  5. Jones, Esyllt Wynne & Foote, L.B. (2012). Imagining Winnipeg: A history through the photographs of L.B. Foote. University of Manitoba Press.

  6. Piketty, Thomas. (2014). Capital in the Twenty-First Century. Harvard University Press.

  7. Ferris, Shawna. (2015) Street Sex Work and Canadian Cities: Resisting a Dangerous Order. University of Alberta Press.

  8. Klemek, Christopher. (2012). The Transatlantic Collapse of Urban Renewal. University of Chicago Press. 

  9. Filion, Pierre, Markus Moos, Tara Vinodrai, Ryan Walker (eds.). (2015). Canadian Cities in Transition: Perspectives from an Urban Ages. Oxford University Press.

  10. Good, Kristin R., Luc Turgeon, Triadafilos Triadafilopoulous (eds.) (2014). Segmented Cities? How Urban Contexts Shape Ethnic and Nationalist Politics. UBC Press.

  11. Ircha, Michael C & Robert Young (eds.). (2013). Federal Property Policy in Canadian Municipalities. McGill-Queen's University Press.

  12. Turner, Randy. (2014). City Beautiful: How Architecture Shaped Winnipeg's DNA. Winnipeg Free Press.


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