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Manuscript preparation style and submission guidlines.

The Canadian Journal of Urban Research (CJUR) is a peer reviewed, multidisciplinary, scholarly journal dedicated to publishing articles that address a wide range of issues relevant to the field of urban studies. CJUR welcomes papers focussing on urban theory and methodology, empirical research, problem and policy-oriented analyses, and cross-national comparative studies. Manuscripts either in English or French are considered for publication. All manuscripts must be original works not previously published elsewhere in any format including electronic production nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere. CJUR does not publish reprints, or articles containing large passages of material published elsewhere. Authors should submit one electronic copy to: ius@uwinnipeg.ca Canadian Journal of Urban Research - Institute of Urban Studies, c/o 515 Portage Avenue Winnipeg Manitoba R3B 2E9 Canada

CJUR is a small but vibrant journal that has upwards of 100,000 articles downloaded annually and is read by a global audience. Since becoming open access, CJUR has broadened its impact in terms of knowledge mobilization. CJUR has been supported by the Institute of Urban Studies, University of Winnipeg since 1992. CJUR is looking for ways to help offset the increasing costs of producing CJUR, donations from individuals or institutions will be gratefully accepted. CJUR remains one of the few independent Canadian journals focused on urban issues. Your support as authors and subscribers ensures our success will continue.

Canadian Journal of Urban Research (CJUR) est une revue académique multidisciplinaire qui publie des textes dans le domaine des études urbaines à partir d’un éventail très large. CJUR accepte des textes qui mettent l’accent aussi bien sur la théorie et la méthodologie des questions urbaines, la recherche empirique, les analyses en termes de problèmes ou d’énoncé de politiques que sur des études comparatives entre les nations. Les manuscrits peuvent être rédigés soit en anglais ou soit en français. Les auteurs doivent faire parvenir quatre copies de leurs manuscrits à: Institute of Urban Studies, Canadian Journal of Urban Research - Institute of Urban Studies, c/o 515 Portage Avenue Winnipeg Manitoba R3B 2E9 Canada.

Pour la présentation des manuscrits et les normes d'édition,voir la page suivante. Les manuscrits qui ne correspondent pas aux normes d'édition seront renvoyé a l'auteur.