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Graduate Program - Master of Science in Bioscience, Technology and Public Policy

Our Mission

The power of science to change the face of modern society is growing at an ever increasing pace. Science and technology are tools that can and do improve the human condition in many ways. But the rapid pace of change also brings unforeseen consequences and perils. Science and technology cannot develop effectively within a social vacuum. The objective of this program is to train students not only in the advanced methods of science, but to place this body of knowledge in the broader context of modern society. In addition to conducting research in the BioSciences, our graduate students receive advanced training in both the technology and policy dimensions of science providing every student with a skill set that prepares them to work in both academia and industry at an advanced level in every area of biology.

Our Goals

Our educational objectives are four-fold. First, we provide our students with an applied education in the methods of science. Second, we educate our students in the methods of scientific literacy. Third, we educate our students on the relationship between science and the community around us. This will involve the study of science and ethics, and science and the development of public policy. Fourth, we educate our students in the methods of communicating science to policy-makers and the general public. We are training students not only in the basic methods of science, but how in to make a difference in society.