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Darshani Kumaragamage

Darshani  Kumaragamage Title: Professor
Phone: 204.258.2994
Office: 2RC055
Building: Richardson Complex
Email: d.kumaragamage@uwinnipeg.ca


Personal Website:



  • Human Environmental Interactions
  • Environmental Impacts of Agriculture
  • Environmental soil Science
  • Environmental Sustainability: A global dilemma

Research Interests:

  • Agricultural nutrient management
  • Phosphorus losses from soils
  • Chemistry of flooded soils
  • Sustainable soil management 


  1. Kumaragamage, D., G. S. Amarawansha, S. P. Indraratne, K. Jayarathne, D. N. Flaten, F. Zvomuya, and O. O. Akinremi. (2019). Degree of phosphorus saturation as a predictor of redox-induced phosphorus release from flooded soils to floodwater. Journal of Environmental Quality. (Open Access). 48:1817–1825.
  2. Dharmakeerthi R.S., D. Kumaragamage, S.P.Indraratne, and D. Goltz (2019). Phosphorus Release from Unamended, Gypsum-Amended and Biochar-Amended Soils under Simulated Spring Snowmelt and Summer Flooding Conditions. Journal of environmental quality. (Open Access) 48(1):127-35. Open access
  3. Lasisi A. A, O.O. Akinremi, and D. Kumaragamage. (2019). Efficacy of a new N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide formulation in reducing ammonia volatilization from urea-based fertilizers. Canadian Journal of Soil Science. 99(4): 395-405
  4. Chathurika, J.A.S., D. Kumaragamage, S.P. Indraratne, and W.S. Dandeniya (2019). Improving soil carbon pool, soil fertility and yield of maize (Zea mays L.) in low-fertile tropical Alfisols by combining fertilizers with slow-decomposing organic amendments. The Journal of Agricultural Science (Cambridge University Press). 157:45-54
  5. Kumaragamage, D. and O.O. Akinremi (2018). Manure Phosphorus: Mobility in Soils and Management Strategies to Minimize Losses. (An Invited review paper). Current Pollution Reports. 4: 162-174.