Jacques Tardif

Jacques Tardif Title: Professor
Office: 3L02
Building: Lockhart Hall
Phone: 204.786.9475
Email: j.tardif@uwinnipeg.ca

Research Interests:

The research interests pursued in our laboratory are centered on understanding forest dynamics and how trees and other plant species are responding to both small and large scale forest disturbances (wind, insect outbreaks, fire, etc.). We use tree-ring analysis to reconstruct forest disturbances and to analyze the response of trees to these agents of change. We also use tree-ring analysis and wood anatomy to study the impact of climate on tree growth. Dendrochronological reconstruction of past environmental conditions also helps us to better understand the linkages between climate variability and forest disturbances. Searching Manitoba for old living and dead trees and studying the ecology of tree species reaching their northern distribution limit are also major research activities of our laboratory.

I am currently accepting applications from prospective graduate students or post-docs.