Richard Westwood


Richard Westwood Title: Professor
Office: 4CM55
Building: Centennial Hall Mezzanine
Phone: 204.786.9053

Research Interests:

Dr. Westwood’s undergraduate and graduate students conduct research on environmental impact assessment in boreal forest, prairie and urban forest ecosystems. Areas of research include: 1. Use of arthropods and plants as biological indicators of boreal forest ecosystem health and function and as tools for environmental impact assessment for the forest industry; 2. The management and protection of urban forests which includes assessment of the impacts of biotic and abiotic stresses on the health of urban trees and development of new methods of effective tree protection; 3. The pollination biology of endangered orchids in tall and mixed grass prairie ecosystems including studies on the conservation of endangered orchid species through better understanding of critical pollination factors that limit orchid survival and reproduction; and 4. Conservation and enhancement of endangered butterfly species in Manitoba including studies on the biology and bionomics of endangered butterfly species in relation to habitat requirements and long term management requirements.

I am currently accepting applications from prospective graduate students or post-docs.