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Srimathie Indraratne

Srimathie  Indraratne Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 204.786.9047
Office: 2RC049
Building: RCFE Building
Email: s.indraratne@uwinnipeg.ca


  • Human-Environmental Interactions (ENV 1600)
  • Environmental Sustainability (ENV 2603)
  • Research Projects (ENV 3610)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (ENV 4611)
  • Introductory Soil Science (GEOG 2213)
  • Soil-Veg Systems (GEOG 2214)

Research Interests:

Investigate on potentially toxic metal contaminated soils, identifying sources of metals in contaminated soils, remediation of metal contaminated soils using organic and inorganic amendments, soil fertility improvements using amendments, soil property changes after addition of amendments and characterization of soils for mineralogical composition.


  1. Indraratne, S.P., D. Kumaragamage, D. Goltz, R. S. Dharmakeerthi and F. Zvomuya 2020. A laboratory assay of in-situ stabilization of toxic metal(loid)s in contaminated boreal forest soil using organic and inorganic amendments. Canadian Journal of Soil Science J. Soil Sci. 100: 1–11 (2020) dx.doi.org/10.1139/cjss-2019-0085
  2. Kumaragamage, D., G. S. Amarawansha, S. P. Indraratne, K. Jayarathne, D. N. Flaten, F. Zvomuya, and O. O. Akinremi. (In Press) Degree of phosphorus saturation as a predictor of redox-induced phosphorus release from flooded soils to floodwater. Journal of Environmental Quality. Open Access: doi:10.2134/jeq2019.04.0154
  3. Chathurika, J.A.S., D. Kumaragamage, S. P. Indraratne and W. S. Dandeniya. 2019. Improving soil carbon pool, soil fertility and yield of maize (Zea mays L.) in low-fertile tropical Alfisols by combining fertilizers with slow-decomposing organic amendments. The Journal of Agricultural Science, 157: 45-54
  4. Indraratne S. P. and D. Kumaragamage. (2018). Flooding-Induced Mobilization of Potentially Toxic Trace Elements from Uncontaminated, Calcareous, Agricultural Soils. Canadian Journal of Soil science. Can. J. Soil Sci. 98(1): 103-113
  5. Sanjeewani, U.K.P.S., P. Indraratne, U.W.A. Vitharana, R. Weerasooriya and D. Kumaragamage, (2017). Identifying the sources and contamination status of potentially toxic trace elements in agricultural soils. Communications in Soil and Plant Analysis. 48 (8): 865-877