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Caleb Hasler

Caleb Hasler Title: Associate Professor
Phone: 204.786.9722
Office: 2RC045
Building: Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex
Email: c.hasler@uwinnipeg.ca

Research Interests:

We study fish biology and aquatic conservation. Often, we seek to answer questions associated with the conservation of natural fish populations, particularly where abrupt and extreme changes in the environment occur. For example, our lab has experience with understanding the impacts of hydropower infrastructure and operations on fish behaviour and physiology; quantifying the biological effects of catch-and-release angling; and developing novel non-physical barriers to reduce the movements of aquatic invasive species. We also complete lab-based studies to understand the biological mechanisms underlying the responses we observe in the field. The techniques that we use span the gamut of organismal biology and freshwater ecology, and include: physiological sampling, respirometry, behavioural assays, sensor-based monitoring of animals and the environment, telemetry, and common fisheries and limnologic techniques. Our lab also has experience dealing with large datasets, complex statistical models, and geographic information systems. Overall, our aim is to understand the biological basis for conservation issues and work with stakeholders to improve natural fish populations in Manitoba, Canada, and across the globe.

We are always looking for new graduate and undergraduate students. Students do not have to have funding or project ideas when contacting us.