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Leah Wilson

Leah Wilson Title: YU@W Participant


Leah Wilson, 21 years old, Double Major in Human Rights and International Development, Graduating December 2018

As a student of human rights and international development, I greatly believe in the capacity to create change from the ground up. Local organizations are the most aware of the needs of communities and people around them, and that is why I am excited to participating in the YouthUnited@Winnipeg program this summer. I enjoy engaging with passionate individuals about their communities and I am humbled to be part of a program that came about as a result of the TRC’s Calls to Action. The dynamic of community-based development paired with a reconciliation mandate has the potential to foster strong, resilient, vibrant communities. Having a work background predominately focused on children, youth, and community development, has taught me that if you invest your time and energy wholeheartedly into something, the potential for growth is limitless. That is what I hope to do with this program and I am looking forward to any opportunities that lay ahead of me. From this learning experience I hope to take away a more acute awareness of the needs in Winnipeg’s inner-city, a more contextualised understanding of community development, and lastly, greater empathy for those around me.