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Heather Bourget

Heather Bourget Title: YU@W Participant


Heather Bourget, 56 year old cisgender female. Third year student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree with a double major in Indigenous Studies and Urban and Inner City Studies, minoring in Conflict Resolution Studies.  Graduating in 2021.

I am a mature student returning to school after 36 years of raising a family and working. My work experience has been in child care (operating out of my home for seven years), the hospitality industry (10 years), retail, and general office work. I have experience in numerous fields at the community level volunteering in various programs and organizations while raising my six children. I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in many areas and am on the learning journey of my life. I believe I have much to offer and much to gain through the Youth United Program.

       My life has been profoundly impacted learning the Truth of our Canadian history and the ongoing oppressive policies and systems that continue to marginalize and oppress Indigenous peoples. I also marvel at the resiliency, courage, resourcefulness, and strength of peoples who continue to resist and forge out so many wonderful programs and networks. I consider myself to be an advocate of Indigenous issues and an ally to our Indigenous benefactors. I am passionate for change and use my learned knowledge to enlighten my peers, friends, family, children and grandchildren. I have a heart for Indigenous people in general and those who are oppressed in poverty, addictions, and mental health issues due to the generational traumas incurred. Reconciliation is dear to my heart and I am passionate about being part of the process which is why I became a facilitator for Circles for Reconciliation and continue to build relationships with Indigenous friends.

       I learned of the YouthUnited@Winnipeg program during my studies and was very excited, keen and hopeful to become a participant. It is my heart’s desire to learn at a deeper level and experience relationship building and networking from the context of the daily grind. Despite being mobility impaired, I have a lifetime of experience and a multitude of gifts that I hope to be able to share in this process. I strive to be a good listener, I am a keen learner and am passionate about reconciliation. I know I can learn so much and hopefully be able to take this experience and build upon it. How that will unfold and in what direction it will take me is not yet known. I am keen to learn, grow, and build relationships while working side by side. Regardless of what follows, I am certain that this experience will be life changing, impacting, and that it will be carried into my future, whether that mean through working in the area, public speaking, education, writing, policy advocacy, or programming and networking.