Job Hazard / Task Analysis and Safe Work Procedures


The safety office staff works with managers and supervisors to develop Safe Work Procedures through the process of Job Hazard Assessments.Through the cycle of assessment is completed, Safe Work Procedures form the basis of worker training.

The manager/supervisor will communicate to affected employees the progress relevant to job inventories. Communication methods used may vary by department.


  1. Safety Office will coordinate with the manager/supervisor to complete a job hazard analysis and risk assessment.
  2. Manager/supervisor will provide necessary resources (manager's/employee's time and space) to complete the analysis/assessment.
  3. Safety Office will retain record of the safe work procedures and the safe work procedures are reviewed with the manager/supervisor/employee.
  4. Manager/supervisor will provide training to employees in the safe work procedures and document the training. The Safety Office will be available for assistance if required.
  5. Manager/supervisor will ensure that the completed safe work procedures are followed, and are added to the job inventory for training new employees.

Record Keeping:

The Safety Office and manager/supervisor will keep all records for 5 years from date of implementation/training the following:

  1. Completed Job/Task/Hazard Analysis/Assessment Forms
  2. Completed Safe Work Procedures
  3. Training documentation

Review of Completed Analysis/Assessment Forms:

The manager/supervisor will review and update every three (3)years or sooner if there are changes in equipment or processes.  

The Safety Office will inform manager/supervisor of any updates to relevant legislation and assist in the review and update of the existing JHA/Risk Assessment.