Supplier and Workplace Labels

Employers must ensure that controlled products used at their workplace are labelled according to WHMIS regulations. There are two main kinds of WHMIS labels - Supplier Labels and Workplace Labels.

UWinnipeg will continue using WHMIS 1988 labels in addition to WHMIS 2015 labels until the end of the transition period on December 1, 2018. After this date, only WHMIS 2015 labels will be compliant with legislation.

Suppliers must affix a label to containers of controlled products they supply and the label must be present on controlled products in their original containers.

As long as a controlled product remains in its supplier-provided container, the supplier label must remain attached to the container and be legible. Controlled products produced at the workplace which are specifically for use at the workplace must have a workplace label. Those controlled products whose supplier labels have been removed accidentally or have become illegible also must have workplace labels.

WHMIS 1988

Supplier labels provide seven (7) pieces of information:

  • Product Identification (brand name, code name or chemical name)
  • WHMIS Hazard Symbols for each of product's hazard classes
  • Risk Phrases (words that describe the main hazards of the product)
  • Precautionary Statements (how to work with the product safely)
  • First Aid Measures
  • Statement advising that a MSDS is available
  • Supplier Identifier (Name and Address)

Although there is no specified format for workplace labels, they should provide information regarding:

  • Product identification (brand name, code name or chemical name)
  • Information for safely handling the product (ie. “use in a well ventilated area”)
  • Statement indicating that the MSDS is available

WHMIS 2015

The Supplier Label must be bilingual in English and French, easy to read and durable.

  • Product Identifier (the product name must appear the same on the SDS and the container)
  • Hazard Pictogram (determined by the hazard classification)
  • Signal Word ("Danger" or "Warning" indicates the severity of the hazard)
  • Hazard Statement (based on the classification of the product)
  • Precautionary Statment (recommended measures to minimize or prevent adverse effects from exposure to the product, including PPE, emergency meaures and first aid)
  • Supplier Identifier (the company that made, packaged, sold or imported the product and is responsible for the label and SDS)

A Workplace Label will require the following information:

  • Product Name (matching the SDS product name)
  • Safe handing precautions may include pictograms or other supplier label information
  • A reference to the availability of an SDS