WHMIS Course


Student Registration is done through Nexus.   In order for students to be registered for WHMIS Training through Nexus, the Department Head needs to provide the Safety Office (safety@uwinnipeg.ca) with a list of courses indicating the full course number; course name and term.

For example: CHEM-1101-001; Organic Chemistry I; U2013W

The Safety Office will forward the list to the Nexus Administrators for processing.  Once processed, students will be able to see WHMIS training on the Nexus Home Page.  

If you do not see WHMIS Training on the Nexus Home Page and you are required to complete WHMIS Training, call the Safety Office at 204.786-9894 and the Safety Office will assist you.

Graduate Research Students:

The Department/Researchers will forward the list of students to the Safety Office (safety@uwinnipeg.ca) the student's first name, last name, email address (internal or personal).

For example: John Smith, jsmith@uwinnipeg.ca


Your department head will provide a list of employees who are required to complete the training to the Safety Office via safety@uwinnipeg.ca.  This list will be provided to Nexus Administrators for registration purposes.  Employees will then receive a notification with a link to WHMIS Training and Quiz. 

The information provided to the Safety Office must include:  first name, last name, U of W assigned username, and email address or personal email address if there is no assigned U of W personal address.

For example: Employee Name; Email address; Assigned User ID.

Successful Completion of Training:

A certificate will be provided to the student/employee through Nexus.  The certificate may be downloaded on personal mobile devices through Nexus or may be printed.

This certificate is required in order to enter any Laboratory at the University of Winnipeg where chemical/biological/nuclear substances are stored/used (note: exceptions are considered dependent on the risk assessment based on activities - for example, Planned Tours)

Who is required to Complete the Training:

All students/employees who are or may be exposed to controlled products while handling/using the controlled products.  All training must be completed through the University of Winnipeg, Nexus System on an annual basis.

Training Records:

Training records will be maintained by the Safety Office. For research laboratories WHMIS training documentation must be filed in a binder in the laboratory and must be made available during internal or external inspections.