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Jaquline McLeod Rogers is leaving her post as Chair of the Rhetoric Department from January to December, 2018 to serve as ACTING ASSOCIATE DEAN OF ARTS.

Tracy Whalen will serve as Acting CHAIR of the Department in her absence (2018).

Students who major in Rhetoric and Communications practise writing in a variety of genres and read contemporary non-fiction, analyze visual and verbal texts, trace the impact of print and electronic media on western culture, and – through the study of theory and close attention to textual practices – examine how ideology is embodied in discourse. Students with a B.A. in Rhetoric and Communications can enter graduate studies in such fields as Communications, Composition, Media Studies, and Rhetoric. They are also well prepared for public- and private-sector careers that depend on advanced analytical and communicative skills, especially in writing.


New writing certificate first of its kind in Manitoba

Doctor Catherine Taylor appointed Associate Dean of Arts at UWinnipeg

Fall, 2017 to Winter, 2018

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Tari (Taremekedzwa) Muvingi, BSc
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Rhetoric, Writing and Communications


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