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1000-Level Courses

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RHET 1120 (3): Introduction to Rhetoric and Communications

This course provides a survey level introduction to the interdisciplinary field of rhetoric and communications, and the role that persuasion and persuasive discourse plays in contemporary communication, culture, and society. Rhetoric and Communications Majors with an exemption from Academic Writing may take this course to satisfy foundational requirements for their degrees. The course is designed for Majors and Minors in Rhetoric and Communications, and provides a foundation-level entry into 2000-level courses, such as RHET 2131, RHET 2135, and RHET 2137.

1000-level Courses, Academic Writing

1101.3 AW: Humanities
1102.3 AW: Social Sciences
1103.3 AW: Sciences
1104.3 AW: Business and Administration
1105.3 AW: Multidisciplinary
1110.6 AW: Extended
1115.3/.6 AW: English as an Additional Language

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Update: July 6, 2023