Joint Communications Degree/Diploma (UW/RRC)

Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications

Joint Communications Degree (Information Sheet)

The University of Winnipeg offers a combined degree/diploma program in Communications in cooperation with Red River College. Generally, students begin at the University of Winnipeg, completing at least 60 credit hours before proceeding to Red River, where they take the two-year Creative Communications Program. The final 12 credit hours of University of Winnipeg courses must be taken during these two years at Red River College if the student wishes to graduate within four years; otherwise, these credit hours may be completed before or after attending Red River College. Students are granted block transfer of 48 credit hours for their Creative Communications Diploma and granted a B.A. in Communications once they have received their diploma and completed the prescribed 72 credit hours of study at the University of Winnipeg.


Applications to the University of Winnipeg alone do not constitute applications to the Joint Communications Program. Students must apply separately to Red River College for admission to Creative Communications at the same time as they apply to the University of Winnipeg.

Their applications to each institution, students must indicate their interest in the Joint Communications Program. If a student who has applied at both institutions begins the first year at UW in September 2009 and the application to Red River College is successful, the student will begin the Red River College part of the Program in September 2011. (If unsuccessful, students may reapply to Red River College during their years at the University of Winnipeg.) For more information please contact:

University of Winnipeg: Admissions (786-9741)
Red River College Creative Communications Coordinator: Tracey Seida (949-8339);