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Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications

Majoring in the Department of Rhetoric, Writing and Communications

In addition to discipline-specific writing courses at the introductory level (please see Course Listings for more information), the Department offers a 3-Year or 4-Year BA with a Major in Rhetoric and Communications. This program emphasizes the interpretation, evaluation, production, and precise editing of messages for a range of audiences, media, and purposes. Students in the Major practice writing in a variety of genres and read contemporary non-fiction, analyze visual and verbal arguments, trace the impact of print and electronic media on western culture, and—through the study of theory and close attention to textual practices—examine how ideology imprints itself on discourse. Students with a BA in Rhetoric and Communications can enter graduate studies in such fields as Communications, Composition, Media Studies, and Rhetoric. They are also well prepared for public- and private-sector careers that depend on advanced analytical and communicative skills, especially in writing.

Benefits of Majoring in the Department of Rhetoric, Writing and Communications

Rhetoric Options

  1. All Course Descriptions (PDF)
  2. All Course Descriptions (Word)
  3. BA 3-Year Degree Program
  4. BA 4-Year Degree Program
  5. Rhetoric Minor
  6. UW/RRC Joint Degree Program
  7. Public Relations Diploma

Fact Sheet

Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications Information Sheet

Update: May 2024