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Student VIDEO interview Project

Student VIDEO interview Project: Composing Winnipeg/Prairie Fire

This winter, students in “Composing Winnipeg” (RHETORIC 3321-001-U2020W) had the opportunity to fulfill course requirements by interviewing a local creative writer who publishes in the literary magazine, Prairie Fire. Jaqueline McLeod Rogers, course instructor, said that once students satisfied matters related to permissions and ethics, most went ahead over break week to construct lively and insightful video portraits. Links to some class projects are below. Prairie Fire editor Carolyn Gray was so impressed that she has provided a year’s complementary subscription to student participants to acknowledge their fine work.

McKenna Butz interviewing Margaret Sweatman

Kathleen McLeod interviewing Özten [Paul] Shebahkeget

Woods Fines interviewing Armin Wiebe

Anna Schaible-Schur interviewing Josiah Neufeld

Serena Chommany interviewing Joan Thomas

Haley Charney interviewing Tamar Rubin

Gloria Nikolic interviewing Deborah Schnitzer

Alina Moore interviewing Ariel Gordon

Editor Carolyn Gray

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