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Health Insurance - International Students

At The University of Winnipeg, we prioritize the well-being of our students. That's why we provide comprehensive health insurance coverage tailored to your needs. The health insurance coverage varies depending on your student type and the duration of your studies. Health insurance is mandatory for all students, ensuring that you have access to essential healthcare services throughout your studies. Opting out is not possible, even if you have existing supplementary coverage from your home country or through an employer.

  • Basic/Emergency Coverage: Includes essential services such as doctor and hospital visits, ensuring you're covered in times of need.
  • Extended Coverage: Includes benefits not covered by basic/emergency coverage such as prescription drugs, vision, dental services, massage, physiotherapy, emergency transportation (ambulance) and repatriation assistance.

Having this coverage is essential for safeguarding your health and well-being during your time at university. Explore the details of each plan to ensure you're fully informed and ready to make the most of your coverage.

Undergraduate/Graduate Students:

As an undergraduate or graduate student, you are automatically enrolled in two health insurance plans:

  1. Manitoba International Student Health Plan (MISHP): This plan provides basic/emergency coverage.
  2. Greenshield (administered by the University of Winnipeg Student Association): This plan offers extended coverage.

Charges for both plans will be automatically applied to your student account before the term begins. Please review your financial statement on Student Planning to view the charges. For more information on MISHP, please email service@mishp.ca. For details about Greensheild, contact health@theuwsa.ca

Note for graduating students: International undergraduate and graduate students graduating from a degree program are eligible for a one-term medical coverage extension under MISHP after their final term. To apply for this extension, please contact International Student Services at iss@uwinnipeg.ca.

Visiting and Exchange students

If you are a visiting or exchange student studying at the university for a short duration (typically one or two terms), you will be enrolled in guard.me health insurance. This coverage includes both basic/emergency and extended health insurance. You will be automatically charged for the insurance before the term begins. If you register late, the charge will occur during the first week of your classes. For more information on guard.me coverage, please email International Student Services at iss@uwinnipeg.ca

Health Plan Fees

  • Manitoba International Student Health Plan (MISHP): $344 per term.
  • UWSA Greensheild plan: $343.68 per year.
  • guard.me plan: $1.65 per day.

Please note that all fees are subject to change. Additionally, adding a dependent to any of these plans will alter the amount. If you wish to add a dependent, please contact International Student Services within the first 30 days of the term.

ELP Students

Please contact infoelp@uwinnipeg.ca for details about your coverage.

PACE Students

Please contact paceregistration@uwinnipeg.ca for details about your coverage.

Collegiate Students

Please contact collegiate@uwinnipeg.ca for details about your coverage.

For information regarding on-campus medical and health services, please visit the website of Klinic Student Health Services.