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Drivers Licensing

It is the responsibility of every student planning to drive in Manitoba to know the laws and practices of the Government of Manitoba. For more information on drivers licensing or driving laws, please contact Manitoba Public Insurance.

International Drivers License

If you hold a valid drivers license from a non-reciprocal jurisdiction, you may operate a motor vehicle in Manitoba for up to three months after your arrival in Manitoba. To continue driving after three months, you must obtain a Manitoba license by successfully completing a knowledge test and a practical road test.

Effective May 24 2018, Student authorization letters are no longer being issued. This means students from non-reciprocal jurisdictions are now subject to the same requirements as other new residents of Manitoba, and will be required to apply for a Manitoba license if they wish to continue to drive.

Existing authorization letters that have been previously issued will still be honoured, providing the student maintains a full/time status. However, replacement student authorization letters will not be issued should a student misplace their letter.

Students from the United States

A student that holds a valid driver’s license from the United States will be able to use it while they are a student in Canada. There is no need to get a Manitoba license or an Off Shore Student Letter. The Province of Manitoba recognizes the U.S. driver’s license and license plates as long as student status can be proved. Please keep proof of student status readily available (UW Student ID card). Students can receive a Manitoba driver’s license with no additional testing, but the U.S. license will need to be surrendered and students are required to pay an annual license fee.

Obtaining a Manitoba License-Experienced Drivers

If you have a current Driver’s License from your home country and an International Driving Permit (or an official translation of your Driver’s License) and are at least 16 years of age, you will be able to apply for a Manitoba Driver’s License without waiting for the nine month learning period. You will need to pass both a written test and a driving test (unless you are from the United States, Germany, or Korea – see below). If you pass both tests you will immediately be able to apply for a Manitoba Driver’s License.


If you are a citizen of the U.S.A., South Korea, United Kingdom (excluding N. Ireland), Germany, or Switzerland you may exchange your valid driver’s license for a Manitoba Driver’s License without taking a written test or a road test. To exchange your license, take the following documents to any Driver and Vehicle Licensing Service Outlet:

  • Your valid driver’s license from the U.S.A., South Korea, United Kingdom (excluding N. Ireland), Germany, or Switzerland.
  • If you are from South Korea, you will also need to submit a Certificate of Driver’s License in addition to your valid driver’s license.
  • An official translation of your valid driver’s license.
  • Your valid passport and Study Permit.

Students cannot have an Offshore Student Exemption Letter and Manitoba Driver’s License at the same time. Please return you Offshore Student Exemption Letter once a Manitoba License (learners, intermediate stage or full stage) has been obtained.

Obtaining a Manitoba License-New Drivers

If you wish to get a Manitoba driver’s license, you must be at least 16 years of age and must be able to pass both a written test and a driving test.
Driving Tests

To obtain your first driver's license, register yourself as a Manitoba Public Insurance customer at any AutoPac Agent. Once completed, you can take the Knowledge test (written test) before you get a Learner’s permit. No less than 9 months after obtaining a Learner’s permit, you could apply to take a road test. Upon successful completion of the road test, new drivers are entered into the Graduated Licensing Program. See the Manitoba Public Insurance website for full information on this program.