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Information for New Students

As you prepare to embark on your time at The University of Winnipeg, you may have questions about the University, the city, how to get around and what to expect in Winnipeg, Canadian culture, and much more. The following section seeks to provide you with the information you need to prepare for and get settled in your new home.

Canadian Cultures provides you with insight into our great country, including the myriad cultures which make up our society. Here's where you'll learn about Canadian customs and some Canadianims – or, put another way, some terminology Canadians use with which you might want to familiarize yourself.

Tourism & Transportation will let you know everything you need about sights to see and places to visit while in Winnipeg, as well as the best ways to get around town via public transportation. Our city is home to a number of fantastic museums, public parks, cycling trails, and much more. ISS regularly hosts events, which will help you explore the city and get to meet other students.

Weather & Clothing seeks to inform arriving students about what to expect in Winnipeg's climate. Our four distinct seasons see Winnipeg go from warm-weather summres to cold-weather winters, with tempartures varying from +35 to -35  degrees Celsius. Visit this page to learn more about what to expect and what clothing you'll need to prepare for all seasons.

It is the responsibility of every student planning to drive in Manitoba to know the laws and practices of the Government of Manitoba. The Drivers Licensing page has important information for future and current students on what they will need if they wish to drive within the province.