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Information About Working in Canada

Working in Canada [PDF]
Amending your Study Permit [PDF]

On Campus Work Regulations

Students who are studying full-time at The University of Winnipeg and hold a valid Study Permit are eligible to work on campus at The University of Winnipeg while they are a full-time student with a valid Study Permit.

Prior to starting work, all students will be required to obtain a Social Insurance Number through Service Canada.

Off-Campus Work Regulations

Full-time students who hold a valid Study Permit and are pursuing an academic, professional or vocational training program that is at least 6 months or more in duration* at  The University of Winnipeg may be:

  • eligible to work off campus without a work permit**; and
  • allowed to work off campus for up to 20 hours per week during a regular academic session and full-time during regularly scheduled breaks***.

Prior to starting work, all students will be required to obtain a Social Insurance Number through Service Canada.

Please Note:

  • * Students enrolled at The University of Winnipeg in the English Language Program, The Collegiate, as well as visiting or exchange students from institutions outside of Canada, are not eligible to work off-campus.
  • ** Students who are completing an internship or co-op placement as part of their ongoing studies are still required to apply for and hold a Co-op Work Permit prior to beginning their co-op/internship placement.
  • *** In order to be eligible to work full-time during a regular scheduled break, the student must be a full-time student in the term before the scheduled break and must also intend to be a full-time student in the term following the scheduled break. Students studying during the scheduled break may not be eligible to work full-time.

If Spring is your first term at the university, you are not entitled to work full time off campus. If you are currently registered in at least 9 credit hours in the Spring term you are eligible to work part time off campus.

For more information on these regulations, please visit the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website or contact ISS: iss@uwinnipeg.ca

Getting a Social Insurance Number

Do I need a Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

  • If you do not plan to work either on or off campus you are not required to have a SIN, although it is recommended for the purposes of filing income taxes.
  • If you already have a SIN which has not expired, you may be able to use that SIN to work on/off-campus without applying for a new SIN (check your SIN card or ‘Confirmation of SIN Letter’ for an expiry date).
  • If you do not have a SIN and wish to work on or off campus, you must apply for a SIN.

For more information on how to get a Social Insurance Number, please view our information sheet, Working in Canada, the link for which is located at the top of this page.

Please Note: You may be asked to provide your Social Insurance Number for reasons beyond income tax or employment purposes. In most cases, you are not required to share your Social Insurance Number (SIN) with others. For a listing of when you should and should not share your SIN, please see Service Canada's webpage.

Finding Employment

At The University of Winnipeg, international students work in a variety of positions in the bookstore, cafeterias, athletic facilities, registration office and other areas of the University. They are also employed as research assistants and lab demonstrators. If you are looking for work on campus, check the University's Human Resources website on a regular basis.You should also look regularly at bulletin boards around campus. 

For more information on finding employment on/off campus, please contact Career Services.