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Renting in Manitoba

Before you rent

  • What can you afford each month?
  • Utilities might be separate or included. Find out what is included in the rent.
  • What area do you want to live in? Are there bus routes to the UW campus?
  • Is there air conditioning, and which appliances are included?

Before signing the lease

  • The Manitoba Residential Tenancies Branch recommends that you walk through the rental unit with the landlord before you sign the lease, to fill out the initial condition report.
  • The condition report will be used when you move out, to determine if the unit is in the same or worse condition at that time. Anything that has been damaged but is not included in the initial condition report may be taken from your damage deposit.
  • Do not sign a lease unless you are sure you want the unit. If you change your mind, you might lose your deposit or face additional fees.

Avoid scams

  • See the unit (inside and out) before signing a lease.
  • If someone is subletting a unit, never sign the lease documents or send any deposit money to the tenant who is subletting. The deposit and other forms should be sent directly to the landlord or management company.
  • Try to avoid renting from an individual. Renting in a building that is professionally managed by a reputable company presents less risks to tenants.

Avoid eviction

  • Make sure you always pay your rent on time. You cannot withhold rent if you have a disagreement with the landlord, or you will potentially face eviction.
  • Do not disturb other renters (for example: loud parties or fights).
  • Do not let other people live in your unit for extended periods of time unless they are on the lease agreement.
  • Follow the rules outlined in your tenancy agreement provided by the landlord.

Know your rights

Before renting, visit gov.mb.ca/cca/rtb to understand your rights and obligations as a renter in Manitoba.

Campus Living

Many students choose to live in campus housing as it offers a convenient location close to classes, and is professionally managed by University staff. It is also a good way to make friendships and establish community. You can find more information, and apply by visiting the Campus Living website.

UWinnipeg Community Renewal Corporation

This UWinnipeg affiliated organization owns and operates a number of buildings close to campus. This includes: Downtown Commons, Muse Flats and West Broadway Commons.

Busing in Winnipeg

Did you know your student fees include unlimited access to Winnipeg Transit from September to April? See the U-Pass website for more information. Unsure which bus to take? Use the Navigo trip planner to easily plan your route. Be sure to choose a rental that is close to campus, or close to a bus route to campus.

Private/External Rentals

There are a number of online portals with rental properties available. Some popular and convenient neighbourhoods close to campus you might want to consider include St. James, Wolseley, West Broadway, Osborne Village and St. Boniface. We encourage you to review the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CHMC) website for important tips on finding apartments safely.

New Journey Housing

Students who would like more resources and assistance in looking for rentals in Winnipeg are encouraged to visit the New Journey Housing Resource Centre website.