ICR Frequently Asked Questions

Indigenous UWinnipeg

I’m a current student; how will this affect me?

If you are an existing student at the University of Winnipeg, your graduation requirements will not change. You are able to change majors, programs, or areas of study without having the requirement apply to you.  The ICR will only apply to students registering for the first time beginning in Fall 2016 and forward.

Will I need to take an additional course to graduate?

No. Students must earn either 90 credit hours for a 3-year degree, or 120 credit hours for a 4-year degree; the number of courses students will have to take to graduate will not change.

Who will this requirement apply to?

The Requirement will apply to all undergraduate students, with the exception of students in the Faculty of Education who are currently required to take a course that focuses on Indigenous learning.

Will there be additional costs associated with this requirement?

No. The number of courses students will have to take to graduate will not change.

Can a course from the approved list satisfy more than one degree requirement?

In some cases, courses fulfilling the ICR may also fulfill other degree requirements. For instance, a course that is in your Major and also meets the ICR can be used toward both of those requirements; a course which counts as Humanities and as ICR can fulfill both of those requirements.

At which point during my undergraduate degree program am I required to fulfill the ICR?

The ICR can be fulfilled at any time while seeking an UG degree; however, students are strongly encouraged to fulfill the ICR as early as possible during their program of study.

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