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Course Outlines Winter 2024

Course: Instructor:
GEOG-1105-003 (Intro Human Geography) S. Thompson
GEOG-1105-250 (Intro Human Geography) M. Alam
GEOG-1105-760 (Intro Human Geography) M. Alam
GEOG-1205-003 (Intro Human Geography) J. Maillet
GEOG-1205-518 (Intro Physical Geography) J. Janzen
GEOG-1205-760 (Intro Physical Geography) J. Maillet
GEOG-1305-761 (Map Global World) E. Cloutis
GEOG-2210-001 (Meteorology) J. Binyamin
GEOG-2216-001 (Physical Geology) B. Buhay
GEOG-2306-001 (Introduction GIS) C. Storie
GEOG-2316-001 (Intro to Remote Sensing) J. Storie
GEOG-2411-001 (Globalization) M. Vachon
GEOG-2415-001 (Intro Urban Dev) M. Vachon
GEOG-2419-001 (Resource Policy Canada) P. Fitzpatrick
GEOG-3204-001 (Climate Chge & Vari) D. Blair
GEOG-3431-001 (Healthy Cities) G. Sylvestre
GEOG-3432-001 (Urban & Comm Planning) J. Chamberlain
GEOG-3508-001 (Dev World Issues) A. Berezuk
GEOG-3509-001 (Geography of Canada) M. Alam
GEOG-3512-001 (Human Geog North Canada) P. Fitzpatrick
GEOG-4403-001 (Urban Land Use) M. Vachon
GEOG-4450-001 (Enviro & Sustain) P. Fitzpatrick