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Course Information

Geography courses are categorized into five major groups:

  • Introductory and General Courses
  • Physical Geography Courses
  • Technique Courses
  • Systematic Human Geography Courses
  • Regional Geography Courses

Courses are distinguished by the use of the second digit in the course number as follows:

Course Type Course Number
Introductory and General: Second digit is 1 (e.g. GEOG-1102/3 Introductory Cultural Geography)
Physical Geography: Second digit is 2 (e.g. GEOG-1201/3 Introductory Atmospheric Science)
Technique: Second digit is 3 (e.g. GEOG-2304/3 Computer Mapping)
Systematic Cultural: Second digit is 4 (e.g. GEOG-2414/3 The Urban Environment)
Regional: Second digit is 5  (e.g. GEOG-3508/3 Geography of the Developing World)

Beyond the minimum requirements for each degree, students may choose courses which provide a coherent specialization within the discipline.

Geography courses which satisfy the science requirement:
The science requirement for BA, BBA, and BKin degrees will be satisfied by 6 credit hours from the following courses:

  • GEOG-1201(3) Introductory Atmospheric Science
  • GEOG-1202(3) Introductory Earth Science
  • GEOG-2201(6) Geomorphology
  • GEOG-2207(3) Climatology
  • GEOG-2210(3) Meteorology
  • GEOG-2213(3) Introductory Soil Science
  • GEOG-2214(3) Soil-Vegetation Systems
  • GEOG-2215(3) Minerology and Petrology
  • GEOG-2216(3) Physical Geology
  • GEOG-2218(3) Fluvial and Hillslope Processes
  • GEOG-2219(3) Glacial and Periglacial Processes
  • GEOG-3210(3) Hydrology
  • GEOG-2304(3) Computer Mapping
  • GEOG-2306(3) Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
  • GEOG-2316(3) Introduction to Remote Sensing
  • GEOG-3215(3) Biogeography
  • GEOG-3306(3) Advanced Geographic Inforamtion Systems
  • GEOG-3307(3) Advanced Computer Mapping
  • GEOG-3319(3) Advanced Remote Sensing
  • GEOG-4203(3)Topics in Climatology
  • GEOG-4212(3) Topics in Earth Sciences
  • GEOG-4231(3) Topics in Biogeography
  • GEOG-4320(3) Projects in Geomatics
  • GEOG-4321(3) Topics in Geomatics l)
  • GEOG-4322(3) Topics in Geomatics ll)

Geography courses which satisfy the social science requirement for 4-year BA, BBA, and BKin degree:
The social science requirement 12 credit hours from courses in Systematic Human and or Regional Geography.
(i.e. courses for which the second digit of the course is a 4 or 5).

4000-Level Courses:
Minimum 3.0 GPA (B) in major courses (students lacking the requisite 3.0 GPA should consult the Department regarding eligibility to take 4000-level courses). Permission of the Department is required for each 4000-level course.

Course Outlines:
Course outlines are distributed to students during the first week of term for every course offered by the Geography Department. Check the Course Outline page at the beginning of each term for updated course outlines.