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GISP Certification

The Department of Geography encourages our geomatics orientated students to consider getting certified as part of the education and career development. Increasingly jobs in the public and private sector are requirin potential candidates to either be certified or eligible for certification within the field of GIS. The GIS Certification Institute (GISCI) is a non-profit organization that provides the GIS community with a complete certification program, leading to GISP® (Certified GIS Professional) recognition (https://www.gisci.org/Home.aspx). As students within our geomatics courses you meet the education requirements of the certification, with job experience and other professional development you would be able to become GISP certified within a few years of graduation. Holding this designation will define you as a professional that has clearly demonstrated their ability to achieve a high standard of knowledge and application in the field of GIS. We encourage all of our students to consider this as part of the future education and career planning goals.

The Department of Geography is proposing a roadmap within the GISP framework: