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Degree Programs

The Department of Geography offers degrees in both the Arts and in Science:

Arts Degree Programs:

  • 3-year Bachelor of Arts
  • 4-year Bachelor of Arts
  • Honours Bachelor of Arts

Science Degree Programs:

  • 3-year Bachelor of Science
  • 4-year Bachelor of Science
  • Honours Bachelor of Science

Fields of Study:
Geography's wide scope makes it neither wholly a natural science nor wholly a social science. It is, in fact, a unifying discipline, one which blends and spans both the physical and cultural worlds, examining both humans and their environment. As such it provides insights which ensure its value as a practical subject which may be applied to many fields.

Geography is divided into three broad groups:

Planning your Degree in Geography:
The best advice for anyone contemplating entry into any geography degree program is to get advice from a Geography Faculty Member. Plan your courses ahead of time, spread the workload to suit your own schedule, ensure that you are able to meet all the prerequisites for the courses which you intend to pursue, and take advantage of the flexibility of the course offerings. In addition to the full range of course offered in the Fall/Winter (Sept.-April) Day Sessions, some courses are offered at Night, and in the Spring/Summer Session. Ideally students should obtain faculty advice before finalizing plans thus ensuring that they are aware of the wide range of options available.