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Why I Give: Dr. Michael Weinrath

Mon. Nov. 2, 2020

why i give

Why did you decide to support UWinnipeg?

I have been at this University since 1997 in the Sociology and Criminal Justice Departments. Both my children attended, and my wife taught here for years for Developmental Studies. The University of Winnipeg has been great to me and my family. I have great affection for the people who make the University work - my departmental colleagues, other faculty, our wonderful support staff, Deans and Senior Management. Over the years, the University has become a better place to work and even better at teaching and doing high-quality research. The students have been wonderful to work with over the years, but funding and scholarships are in short supply. UW students deserve and merit support!


Why do you give, and what motivates you?

I give because I can, and my love for this University and its students motivates me. I have worked with some great groups. The Criminal Justice Students Association and several of our graduates and staff from Stony Mountain Institution worked together a few years ago, doing a fundraiser and selling toy bears to start a scholarship. There was a lot of time and effort put forward by them and, wow - that was humbling for me.

I think anyone who can afford it should find a cause worth supporting. It may not be UWinnipeg, but find something worthwhile and give. I think all of us who have had a good life should try to help others. 

What would you say to a peer or colleague who is considering donating?

Donate what you can, maybe start small but try to do it regularly. I understand that people have student loans, families to raise, and other things they prefer to support. But even $20 a month - the cost of a run to Tim’s or Starbucks - starts to add up. Our department once donated as a group to one particular scholarship; we each gave a small amount monthly and now it delivers $500 to $600 a year!

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