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Why I Give: Naniece Ibrahim

Mon. Jan. 6, 2020

My name is Naniece Ibrahim and I am a communications officer at UWinnipeg since 2007. My father came from the University of Alexandria in Egypt to Winnipeg on a scholarship to complete his PhD in agriculture. My mother followed weeks later and worked at UManitoba. Once they were settled, I was born and raised in Winnipeg. Although after graduation I worked abroad, with international students at the American University in Cairo, I returned to Winnipeg, my home, to settle down close to my parents and friends.

Photo courtesy of Francesca Rizzuto

Why did you decide to support UWinnipeg?

When I was in high-school I had great friends that went to UWinnipeg. I loved the atmosphere on campus when I visited and always made new friends. Although I did not attend UWinnipeg, my heart has always been here and I am grateful that I now work here.

From the first time I set foot on this campus I felt at home. UWinnipeg has a hip, vibrant academic vibe that has captured my attention with its diversity and camaraderie. It is where people know my name and pronounce it correctly. I support UWinnipeg because I think education in a lively, inclusive atmosphere that inspires dialogue and curiosity is a great investment. 

Working at UWinnipeg has only solidified my commitment. As a communications officer, I'm lucky to meet a variety of people on campus and share their stories. This includes committed professors doing incredible research with undergraduate students; engaged, bright, curious student scholars from all walks of life; and fellow staff members from across campus. 

Why do you give, and what motivates you?

Sharing gives me joy. While I was growing up, my parents were very involved in community. My father has sponsored many refugee families from around the world. He believes Canada is the best place to live and has always shared what we have with others. My father set an example of why it is important to include everyone at the table and has taught me the importance of inclusiveness, courage and generosity by example.

What are your areas of interest?

I enjoy travel, the arts, reading, writing and philosophizing over a good shi-sha. On campus my interests are varied and include the Carol Shields Writer in Residence program and the symposium we held in her honour in 2009, as well as the Virtuoso Concert Series, the Axworthy Distinguished Lecture Series on Social Justice and the Public Good. I also love animals, and have greatly enjoyed the UWinnipeg teacher's pet series

What contributions are you most proud of?

I am lucky to give to the Carol Shield's Writer in Residence program. I think it is a fantastic program that brings in amazing writers to engage students and the community in the art of writing. My favourite was Jennifer Still. I am also proud to have helped contribute to my father's Dr. Ezzat A. Ibrahim GPU Educational Lab. This is an example of how one donation sparked over $3 million in research funding. I believe this lab has given our students and professors a competitive edge that contributes to all levels of research in any field of study and in any discipline. The possibilities are infinite.

What would you say to a peer or colleague who is considering donating?

There are so many ways to contribute to UWinnipeg. I would ask how would you like to make a difference? Find your passion or your interests and invest in them for the future. Help a student carve a path. Any contribution counts! No amount is too small. You can make a difference. Just do it!

The 2020 Campus Campaign is happening now!

Make your gift online or learn more about the Campus Campaign and why you should get involved.

Thank you to everyone who has donated as part of the 2019 Campus Campaign! Last year, 210 faculty, staff, retirees, and other close friends of The University participated. Thanks to your generous support we raised an admirable $638,333

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