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Fraud Prevention

Three people in suits talking in background, speech bubble with the word "Speak Up"  at the right, the words "Ethics Alert" on the lower left.

Ethics Alert

The University of Winnipeg Foundation is committed to transparency and high ethical standards

The Foundation has contracted Ethics Alert to be an impartial and strictly confidential provider of whistleblower services.

Ethics Alert is a hotline service that allows employees, vendors and/or the general public to communicate issues of concern. It addresses breaches and threats which may impact the University of Winnipeg Foundation — demonstrating our integrity and transparency, providing employees and stakeholders the opportunity to address concerns confidentially and anonymously.

If you experience or see anyone committing a breach of Foundation policies, procedures or simply conducting themselves unethically, the MNP Ethics Alert Service is there for you to communicate those issues.

The University of Winnipeg Foundation has set up a toll-free telephone number, web portal and other means to communicate issues anonymously and confidentially.


  1. If you see a breach, it is your ethical duty to report to your company.
  2. There are many options available to report unethical conduct; please refer to your company intranet or policies for those means.
  3. The Ethics Alert Service is designed to make confidential and anonymous complaints; it is meant as a process of last resort.
  4. We are all in this together. We will come out of this stronger, safer and wiser.

Unethical acts hurt us all. Help put a stop to it.
1.866.529.9589 | ethics.alert@mnp.ca 


Download Ethics Alert Poster [PDF]