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Capital Projects

Love The Library: support our new vision for UWinnipeg's "library in the sky"

Centennial Hall Library Redevelopment

The University of Winnipeg Library has reliably served the campus community for more than 40 years.

Affectionately known as the “library in the sky,” it’s been an important hub for students, faculty, and staff — despite being located in an aging building, keeping up with an increasing student population, and adjusting to the arrival of the digital age, all of which have changed the course of pedagogy, research, and library practice.

The library has always been there for us. It’s time we loved it back.

Charting a path towards library renewal began in 2015 when Dr. Annette Trimbee, UWinnipeg President and Vice-Chancellor, called upon the University community during her state-of-the-university address to “ensure that our library, as the heart and soul of our academy, continues to be a hub for research, collaboration, and learning.”

In 2017, the Asset and Campus Enhancement (ACE) plan was launched with a format drawing from UWinnipeg’s strategic directions: academic excellence and renewal; student experience and success; research excellence; Indigenization; knowledge mobilization and impact; and financial and institutional resilience.

Students, faculty, and staff were asked for insight and direction about the upcoming capital campaign. They identified the need for a 21st-century library learning commons with enhanced spaces to preserve collections of all kinds.

Building on the ACE plan, a consultation process was designed and led by Cornerstone Planning Group and Brook McIlroy Architects in the spring of 2018, with guidance from an internal planning team.

To guide the process, a number of charter goals were set for a renewed UWinnipeg library:It will be universally accessible;

  1. A meaningful place for Indigenization;
  2. Provide viable storage for at-risk collections;
  3. Be a space in which all students feel a sense of belonging;
  4. Meet the needs of the 21st century;
  5. Provide the space and resources for staff to do their best work and;
  6. Demonstrate the University’s commitment to sustainability.

Over the course of a 10-month period, the consultation team spoke with more than 100 different stakeholders in interviews, workshops, and open house events. Sessions and open houses were also held with students, the UWinnipeg Students’ Association, Aboriginal Student Service Centre, librarians and library staff, faculty, and service departments.

Now we’re proud to unveil our vision for the future UWinnipeg library. But to make this vision a reality, we need you! Help us love our library back and inspire Manitoba’s future leaders by supporting our fundraising campaign.