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The University of Winnipeg

Contact Us

901 - 491 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada R3B 2E4
Telephone: 204.786.9995
Toll-free donations line: 1.866.394.6050
Fax: 204.775.2356
Charitable Registration Number: 86517 1045 RR0001

Foundation Staff

${name} President and CEO
Javier Schwersensky
Phone: 204.786.9993
Email: j.schwersensky@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Chief Operating Officer
Teresa Murray
Phone: 204.786.9999
Email: t.murray@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Director of Development & Capital Campaign
Rayna Rieger
Phone: 204.786.9899
Email: r.rieger@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Donor Stewardship Assistant
Jolene Deere
Phone: 204.786.9995
Email: j.deere@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Communications Officer
Matthew Samyn
Phone: 204.258.3071
Email: ma.samyn@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Manager of CEO Office
Victoria King
Phone: 204.988.7496
Email: vi.king@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Planned Giving Officer
Bunny Gutnik
Phone: 204.789.1471
Email: b.gutnik@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Director of Finance
Dallas Goulden
Phone: 204.988.7574
Email: d.goulden@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Junior Accountant
Diana Desjardins
Email: d.desjardins@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Development Officer
Liam van Oosterhout
Phone: 204.786.9143
Email: l.vanoosterhout@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Senior Development Officer
Kali Prieur
Phone: 204.786.9048
Email: k.prieur@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Junior Collegiate Engagement Officer
Patricia Nosal
Phone: 204.988.7509
Email: pa.nosal@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Manager of Information Systems
Mark Bezanson
Phone: 204.988.7120
Email: m.bezanson@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Information Systems Analyst
Maria Stevenson
Phone: 204.988.7119
Email: ma.stevenson@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Information Systems Analyst
Lucas Riberio
Phone: 204-786-9014
Email: l.riberio@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Collegiate Engagement Officer
Elena Anciro
Phone: 204.789.1440
Email: e.anciro@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Donor Stewardship and Development Assistant
Rachelle Kabuha
Phone: 204.786.9995
Email: r.kabuha@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Alumni Affairs Manager
Helen Cholakis
Phone: 204.988.7139
Email: h.cholakis@uwinnipeg.ca

${name} Alumni Affairs Assistant
Cathy Domke
Phone: 204.988.7118
Email: c.domke@uwinnipeg.ca