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2023 Collegiate Campus Campaign

The Collegiate Campus Campaign proudly celebrates and amplifies the impactful work of Collegiate faculty and staff, and recognizes that financial challenges should not prevent a deserving Collegiate student from enrolling or continuing their studies. The Campaign will run until April 17, 2023. For more information, visit the Collegiate Campus Campaign web page.

The Collegiate Priorities

The U of W Collegiate Alumni Association Endowment Fund

On September 14, 2022, The U of W Collegiate Alumni Association was established as an independent body whose mission is to maintain a strong connection between The Collegiate and its alumni, and to support current and future Collegiate students through bursaries, scholarships and Collegiate infrastructure. As we celebrate The Collegiate’s 150th Anniversary and look towards the future, the Association has established an endowment fund, which will be used to sustain a strong and active Association in perpetuity. Any unused funds from a given year will be donated towards Collegiate awards and bursaries. With donor support, this fund will help create a proud and involved community of alumni and students who are engaged in the life, success and advancement of The Collegiate for many generations to come.

Dean’s Continuing Scholarship Fund

Many students begin their journey at the Collegiate supported by its strong entrance scholarship program and the Dean’s Bursary Fund.  With many students’ first-year expenses covered, our newest priority is to expand the student award program to better aid students in their second, third, and fourth years of study.   To this end, the Collegiate has established the Dean’s Continuing Scholarship Fund in honour of all Collegiate Dean’s who provided a fundamental, educational experience for each Collegiate student.  With donor support, these scholarships will recognize the academic achievements of the Collegiate’s existing student body and will encourage students to continue their hard work throughout their academic careers. 

Millennium Entrance Scholarships

These are awarded to students with averages over 90% who did not receive the regular Entrance Scholarship. This scholarship ensures the best and brightest are not only able to attend The Collegiate but can enter with pride knowing their hard work has been recognized.

The Model School

The Model School at The University of Winnipeg Collegiate provides students with the opportunity and the support needed to graduate from high school and prepare for post-secondary education. The students enrolled in the program are from backgrounds that have traditionally been under-represented in both high school and post-secondary graduation rates. Learn more about The Model School.

For more information about The Collegiate, please contact Collegiate Engagement Officer, Elena Anciro, at e.anciro@uwinnipeg.ca or visit the Collegiate website.