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Donor Interview: Dr. Pauline Greenhill, Women’s and Gender Studies

Dr. Pauline Greenhill

Dr. Pauline Greenhill, UWinnipeg professor and generous UWinnipeg supporter. PHOTO: Naniece Ibrahim

Why did you decide to start supporting UWinnipeg?

When I arrived here in 1991 (hundreds of thousands of years ago, when dinosaurs roamed the earth) as the first faculty member appointed in Women's Studies, as it then was, I saw there were no scholarships for our students.  As soon as I felt financially comfortable to do so, I started the Women's and Gender Studies Scholarship.  Talking with the late Dr. Kristine Hansen about our students who were applying to graduate school and couldn't come up with the funds they needed for application fees, we together established the Graduate and Professional Application Bursary.  Similarly, my colleague Dr. Michelle Owen and I wanted to ensure that Disability Studies students had a scholarship.  As my folklorist colleagues would say, the story structure is "lack; lack liquidated."

In your opinion, what is the most important work that UWinnipeg does?

Teaching and research, research and teaching.  But I don't just mean classroom teaching and I don't just mean formal, funded research.  I think UW is good at integrating teaching and research into most of what we do.

Why do you give? What motivates you?

I give because I can, because I want to, because there's a need, because WGS and DIS and other students deserve my recognition and support.  I'm motivated because for students, getting an award isn't about money, it's about recognition and support.

What contribution are you most proud of?

Transgressive Tales, which I co-edited with colleague Dr. Kay Turner, the first book-length work to address queer fairy-tale studies.  And really cute illustrations.  (http://www.wsupress.wayne.edu/books/detail/transgressive-tales)

What impact have you seen from generous campus donors?

Now there are more WGS scholarships and bursaries!  Yeah!!!!

Do you have a message to share with potential campus donors?

Donations to scholarships, bursaries, and awards = money well spent.  Always.