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Research Opportunities

The Department of Chemistry has a proud history of involving our students in our teaching and research programs, and this tradition continues. The opportunity for students to work in a research lab, or as a demonstrator in a teaching lab, provides valuable career-related experience. Our faculty are excellent mentors for these students, providing guidance and encouragement, in addition to “supervision”. Our research students regularly present their work at local, national, even international conferences, and frequently win awards for their presentations. 

CHEM-3701 (3) Directed Studies in Chemistry

(3 hrs Lecture) This course is designed to allow students the opportunity to conduct individual research under the supervision of a faculty member. The study may take the form of a literature review, may be experimental in nature, or may involve the analysis of existing data.
Note: Permission to enrol is dependent on the availability of a suitable faculty member AND students must obtain written permission from the Chair of Chemistry in addition to the prerequisite. Note: This course may only be taken once for credit.
Requisite Courses: 12 credit hours of Chemistry courses and permission from the Chair of the Chemistry Department [prerequisite(s)].

CHEM-4701 (6) Research Projects in Chemistry Course

(3 hrs Project / Thesis) This course is designed to allow students to investigate a specific research problem. Students work with a faculty member in a particular area of research while learning the techniques and methodology related to chemical research.
Note: Students are strongly urged to consult with the department at least two months in advance of any
anticipated registration in this course, as approval for any planned project must be obtained from a specific faculty member as well as from the Department Chair.
Requisite Courses: 30 credit hours of coursework in Chemistry and permission from the Chair of Chemistry [prerequisite(s)].

NSERC Undergraduate Research Awards

Each year the Natural Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada allocates a number of awards to students wishing to work on a summer research project with a scientist at the University of Winnipeg.

To be eligible, a student must be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada who is registered as a full-time student in a bachelor's degree program in the natural sciences or engineering.  The student must also have at least a cumulative B average in order to apply.

A student satisfying these criteria must then have an NSERC-funded faculty member agree to supervise their project. For more information, students should contact the potential supervisor or the Chemistry Department USRA representative - Dr. Adam McCubbin

The University of Winnipeg Undergraduate Research & Travel Grants

The University of Winnipeg has a variety of research and travel grant opportunities available to undergraduate students.  For detailed information please reference the links below.

Chemistry Undergraduate Research in the News

Chemistry Faculty Research Areas

To learn more about the areas of research the Faculty members in the Department of Chemistry take part in, please click the option below that pertains to your area of interest.