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Pre-Professional Studies

Pre-Professional Program Requirements

Students planning to enter the Faculties of Dentistry or Medicine are required to take the following courses:

CHEM-1111(3) Introduction to the Chemical Properties of Matter
CHEM-1112(3) Basic Principles of Chemical Reactivity
CHEM-2202(3) Organic Chemistry I
CHEM-2203(3) Organic Chemistry II
CHEM-3502(3) Intermediate BioChemistry I
CHEM-3503(3) Intermediate BioChemistry II

Students planning to enter professional faculties would normally take the above courses in sequence. However, provided that a minimum grade of 75 (or equivalent) was obtained in Chemistry 40S, the course CHEM-1111(3) may be taken concurrently with CHEM-2202(3), while CHEM-1112(3) may be taken concurrently with CHEM-2203(3). Also, provided that a minimum grade of B+ was obtained in both CHEM-1111(3) and CHEM-1112(3), the course CHEM-2202(3) may be taken concurrently with CHEM3502(3), while CHEM-2203(3) may be taken concurrently with CHEM-3503(3).