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Students Association

The University of Winnipeg Chemistry Students Association (CHEMSA)

Do you want to get involved this school year? Do you want to meet new students with similar interests that have both "Been there" and "Done that?"

In hopes of maintaining a strong community of students within the Department of Chemistry, The University of Winnipeg Chemistry Students Association (CHEMSA) provides an opportunity for students to interact with both their professors and peers in a fun, laid back environment. We welcome anyone who is either majoring, minoring, or just generally interested in chemistry. 

Feel free to email us anytime with questions, comments, or information on how to get involved. Interested in seeing what we're up to? Check us out on Instagram!

Chemistry Students Association (CHEMSA) Scholarship

This scholarship, established by the Chem Club of ‘88, is awarded to a student enrolled in the third or fourth year of the 4 year Chemistry or Biochemistry program who has completed at least 18 credit hours at The University of Winnipeg.  The student must also be involved in research or extracurricular activities in the University or the community.