Mission & Vision

Chemistry Department


Department of Chemistry Mission & Vision

The University of Winnipeg Chemistry Department trains creative and culturally diverse individuals to be successful in their careers and contribute to their communities.  Our Departments' education philosophy challenges students' intellectual potential and prepares them for professional lives in an ever-changing and increasingly interconnected world.  We provide a supportive and close-knit learning community, delivering engaging instruction in a flexible variety of formats.  Our students develop the knowledge to understand a complex world, the skills to act effectively within that world and the wisdom to make good choices.  They do so with a community of professors, instructors, staff and peers that are encouraged to add scholarly, creative and pedagogical contributions to the larger social good.

Chemistry is a continually evolving discipline, which is reflected in our curriculum. Although the “fundamentals” are core to our programs, we are constantly looking for ways to keep our courses current. For example, while chemicals may be among the problems facing our society today, chemistry must also be part of the solution. Our Department has resolved to expose our introductory students to the basic principles of sustainable “green” chemistry.

The Department of Chemistry at The University of Winnipeg is a Nationally Recognized program. This accreditation certifies that we have modern and well-maintained infrastructure and a comprehensive chemistry curriculum for the training of future scientists in the area of chemistry. It also illustrates that our program is competitive and that our students will be well-prepared for careers in academia, industry and all government sectors.

The heart of the Chemistry Department has always been our people-faculty, staff, and students. We will continue to work together to deliver the very best in undergraduate education, and to expand the boundaries of our discipline.