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Research Mentors

The following list are individuals on campus who have been successful at securing provincial, national and/or international research grants, and are willing to assist colleagues in the development and review of research grant proposals.

If you would like assistance linking to a research mentor please contact:

Lauren Bosc, Program Officer, Research Partnerships

Dr. Mirjana Roksandic (NSERC, SSHRC)
phone: 204.786.9927
email: m.roksandic@uwinnipeg.ca

Applied Computer Science
Dr. Christopher Henry (Mitacs)
phone: 204.786.9378
email: ch.henry@uwinnipeg.ca

Dr. Anuraag Shrivastav (Research Manitoba)
phone: 204.786.9177
email: a.shrivastav@uwinnipeg.ca

Business and Economics
Dr. Karen Harlos (CIHR, SSHRC)
phone: 204.789.1404
email: ka.harlos@uwinnipeg.ca

ChemistryDr. Doug Craig (NSERC)
phone: 204.786.9731
email: d.craig@uwinnipeg.ca

Criminal Justice
Dr. Kevin Walby (SSHRC)
phone: 204.786.9105
email: k.walby@uwinnipeg.ca

Dr. Laura Sokal (SSHRC)
phone: 204.786.9915 
email: l.sokal@uwinnipeg.ca

Dr. Candida Rifkind (SSHRC)
phone: 204.786.9198
email: c.rifkind@uwinnipeg.ca

Dr. Ed Cloutis (NSERC)
phone: 204.786.9386
email: e.cloutis@uwinnipeg.ca

Modern Languages and Literatures
Dr. Adina Balint (SSHRC)
phone: 204.786.9041
email: a.balint@uwinnipeg.ca

Dr. Melanie Martin (NSERC, CIHR)
phone: 204.786.9442
email: m.martin@uwinnipeg.ca 

Political Science
Dr. Aaron Moore (SSHRC)
phone: 204.786.9387
email: aa.moore@uwinnipeg.ca

Urban and Inner-City Studies
Dr. Shauna Mackinnon (SSHRC)
phone: 204.988.7197
email: st.mackinnon@uwinnipeg.ca

Women’s and Gender Studies
Dr. Pauline Greenhill (SSHRC)
phone: 204.786.9439
email: p.greenhill@uwinnipeg.ca