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Undergraduate Student Research Funding Opportunities

The University of Winnipeg has a proud history of training outstanding undergraduate students. We are happy to continue this through a variety of research and travel grants for undergraduate students. If you are interested in funding opportunities for graduate students, please contact the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

For questions regarding our Undergraduate Student Research Funding Opportunities please contact:

Dylan Jones

Writing a Research Grant Proposal

Are you a student interested in writing a research grant proposal. Download our presentation on "Writing a Research Grant Proposal" to help you get started!


Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Undergraduate Student Research Awards (NSERC USRA)

Undergraduate Student Research Awards (USRA) are intended to:

  • Stimulate student interest in research in the natural sciences and engineering;
  • Encourage students to undertake graduate studies;
  • Encourage students to consider a research career in natural sciences and engineering

Applications are evaluated based on students’ academic record, evidence of research potential
and interest in research, and evidence of the quality of research training provided by the
supervisor. Read the complete NSERC USRA Internal Guidelines and view this NSERC poster for further instructions on how to apply.

An electronic copy of your full application must also be submitted to your Department Representative before 5:00PM, Monday, January 23th, 2023.

Find out all about this award with the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council on the NSERC Website

Combining the USRA with the Indigenous Summer Scholars Program

Indigenous Students who are interested in combining their USRA with the Indigenous Summer Scholars Program, please read: Combining the ISSP with the USRA.


Pathway to Graduate Studies (P2GS)

P2GS is open to Indigenous students who have declared a major in a natural science and engineering field and will be enrolled in UWinnipeg classes for the Fall 2022 term. There is no minimum GPA requirement, what is most important is an interest in science and learning about science-based research.

Learn more about the P2GS.

View the complete list of P2GS researchers from 2022.

Indigenous Summer Scholars Program (ISSP)

The Indigenous Summer Scholars Program (ISSP) is hosted by the UWinnipeg Faculty of Graduate Studies and invites senior undergraduate students and recent graduates of undergraduate programs who identify as Indigenous Peoples of Canada to explore the possibilities of graduate studies

Learn more about the ISSP.

View the complete list of 2021 ISSP Research Mentors and Projects.

Remote Research Student Fund (RRSF)

The purpose of this award is to fund students undertaking research in remote locations where infrastructure limitations, isolation, and high costs often present barriers to conducting the research. This can include, but is not necessarily limited to, research in geographic areas of Northern Canada, areas with no regularly scheduled flights or phone service, or areas where field work occurs in a remote location outside of the connected South. If you have a project in mind but are unsure about whether the location can be considered remote, please contact the Research Office to confirm.

For more information on the requirements and eligible expenses, view the documents below.

Undergraduate Student Research Travel Grant (USRTG)

The deadlines to apply for this grant are September 15 and March 15. Click on the links below to access the USRTG application form and internal guidelines.

University of Winnipeg - Undergraduate Student Research Award in the Humanities and Social Sciences (UW-USRA-HS)

The deadline to apply for this grant is March 15. Click on the links below to access the UW-USRA-HS application form and internal guidelines.